Builder/Modeler For hire!

About Me

Hello there, I am a new builder offering building and modeling in the form of commisions or contracts. I work well with others and am keen on communication with team members or commissioners. I have been in studio for about 4 years and have been modeling/Building for 1. I make realistic builds, cartoon builds, low poly builds , and almost anything you can think of. My weakness is weaponry. (I am terrible at making guns from what I remember)


You can view my in game assets here:

Showcase #2

Here’s some pictures:

– haven’t textured the terrain in this one
--sorry for nooks and odd looking tops, roblox doesn’t render terrain properly from a distance

(i did not make the tents)


I am available for about 3 hours everyday. Some days such as the odd weekend I’m out doing things but otherwise I’m widely available.


Prices are negotiable, However the starting price is not. All of my assets/maps or payouts will start at 1k and go up from there. I prefer paypal but group payout is fine. (If you script I might do Building for some simple scripts)


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Disord at:
Omni#4786 (fixed it)

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Rather then just linking you places, try adding some images of them. Some people don’t have the time to check each game so it would be nice!


Will do, i was on mobile so i was unable to do so. Thanks for the suggestion!

I tried to contact you on discord, but it’s not working?

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Sorry for your inconvenience, i had the wrong tag… I fixed it now (Omni#4786)

Some interesting pieces of work, but I don’t think brick and Concrete really fits together for a Greek-styled Building like that ( Image 6) . Overall, keep the work up!

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