Can editing posts not bump them please?

I go make an edit to a really old post of mine and suddenly it is bumped to the top of the category page. This is 100% unnecessary and I don’t want it to look like I edited it to bump it on purpose. I can’t reproduce this on Discourse because by default you aren’t allowed to edit your post after a certain timeframe. And I don’t even know if the “editing bumps topics” feature is a plugin or is indeed default Discourse behavior. I also see tons of topics in #help-and-feedback that are many months old and are at the top because someone edited their post. So I think it is best to request this here.

Also if you have notification settings for a category set to “Watching First Post” you get notification when a new topic is created. But if the topic gets edited it notifies you again of that topic.


I think there should instead be an option to bump or not bump an edited post. When I update my portfolio I’d like a bump, but I agree, there have been times when I feel like a bump is not necessary. I’ll put a poll here in case anyone else wants to voice there opinion.

  • Edited posts should not be bumped.
  • Edited posts should have the option to be bumped.
  • Edited posts should always be bumped.

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I think it shouldn’t. What would be the use case for wanting to have a portfolio in particular, bumped? Other than doing it so it gets more likes because it is at the top. This is exactly why I am requesting this. Because it can get abused.

It is also against the rules to bump topics anyways. I don’t want to meaninglessly bump a topic because I had a spelling mistake and i went to fix it.

If someone’s opened up their commissions, then it would be pretty important to know so. I’d, and I’m sure many others would also want other to know.

If I’ve added a showcase to my portfolio, I wouldn’t want it to just silently update. I’d want others to know I’ve done so. An extra reply just to bump is what would be meaningless.

And in important Announcements, such as the Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum, if a major rule had been changed we should know about it. I wouldn’t want something so important to slide by.

If we had the option to bump, then we could choose if a bump was necessary. Then you wouldn’t have to meaninglessly bump a topic anyways.

I don’t see my posts bump when I edit them. Does this only apply to #help-and-feedback? I had one post there that someone saw as if it was bumped without me knowing just so I could edit a post but I never saw it bumped.

Do you have to edit once only for the bump or something?

If someone wants to know about your availability status then they can always search your portfolio. Bumping a post just for that is unnecessary.

All you are doing is adding an extra screenshot/video; again — not worthy of a bump.

The official rules thread is pinned to the top of the category.

No, you shouldn’t unless it is meaningful info. Bumping just for the sake of bumping is unneeded.

No it happens all the time. You probably don’t see it because your post isn’t that drowned or you just didn’t pay attention to this

I edit a post frequently in the Resources section and I don’t see anything happen to it so I don’t think it’s all the time, I’ve actually edited it today recently (Community Tutorials). I definitely checked and mines isn’t bumped. If you can check as well it would only be from up to 5 hours ago (IIRC just under, definitely not anymore higher than 5 hours).

It seems to happen when the post/edit is a few days old. I have posts from months ago I end up finding which have mistakes that I want to fix

I fully believe editing a portfolio should receive a bump. I’ve reworked my prices, added tons of examples, links, information, tidied it up, and for all that to go unnoticed would be absurd.

True, lol. But what about for other topics? For example, the builder challenge. I’d like to know if a rule has been changed. Or for roadmaps? I’d like to know if something’s been updated or cancelled. Etc.

That’s the whole point of choosing to bump a topic. You’d choose to bump it if it was necessary. No longer would you bump for the sake for bumping. Major change? Bump. Minor change? No bump.

The post I spoke about frequently editing is definitely months old as well but does not bump on any edit I make and I’ve never seen any activity on it which I expect when a post is newly seen (usually a like).

I’m thinking it might only apply to low number of edits or edits that are long between each other (aka editing after a month later or something like that).

Don’t disregard that.

It is your responsibility to stay up-to-date with those rules. Roblox is not required to notify you every time they make an update.

In fact in most discord servers there will be a notice at the end of their “rules” channel that states the rules can be amended at any time without notice beforehand and you should be keeping tabs with that channel.

But we have the option to bump it even if it’s a minor change. I wouldn’t like people bumping old topics they posted on by making a minor change to it (e.g fixing grammar)

I don’t know then. The behaviour doesn’t seem to show a pattern or be consistent /shrug

Imagine no one knew who you were and no one knew I had a portfolio at all. No one would be searching specifically for you. This is especially true with users with old or smaller portfolios. If you were to change your title to saying “open”, I highly doubt anyone would randomly stumble across your portfolio.

If it were bumped, people would know that you existed and that you would be open. I believe this is significant enough to be bumped because, unlike a simple grammatical error, this change is big. Wouldn’t you like people to know that you’ve suddenly become available to hire?

Although they are not required to do so, wouldn’t you like that to occur? It’s no fun when a company silently updates a big change. Cough cough cancelling seasonal events cough cough. No one likes it when something is swept under the rug. Do you?

I believe in this community. I believe that people can make the right decisions, and, I believe that the Roblox team will implement something to prevent this from happening if it becomes a problem.

Don’t you believe too?

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Yes changing OPEN to CLOSED periodically is worth a bump. Totally. /s

It’s not “swept under the rug”. You are supposed to stay up-to-date with the rules. It is your responsibility to do so. “Big” changes are announced anyways.

It shouldn’t be possible in the first place.


Like I said, yes, it is your responsibility. But swept under the rug means:

Edit is made that sets forth a major change

Nobody is notified

Nobody re-checks the post on the basis that nothing has changed/they would be notified due to their trust in Roblox that they would never hide anything of significant value cough seasonal events cough

No one knows about the change

That’s the definition of being swept under the rug.

It’s obvious you don’t agree with what I’m saying. In an effort to let edited posts have the option to be bumped, I trust that others will find additional reasons that you will agree with.

Others who may be reading this post right now.

Good night. I’ll let others continue this conversation.