Car is jittering for some reason when I stop?

For some reason the car keeps jittering every time I start to slow down. I’m using the roblox kit car. I’ve been playing with the stiffness and the damping on the tires. I also changed the density of the base to the car to be heavier. Any suggestions?


Switch to bigger cylindrical wheels or use spherical wheels instead, I’ve had it happen before it’s a collision problem.

Edit: here’s a video and post about it with other people having the same problem:


+1 for using spheres instead of cylinders.


I had the same problem, and I was able to fix it by increasing the stiffness and damping to a very high level.


Yeah that’s what I did. It helped by reducing the jittering.

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What are the values right now?

Damping: 900
Stiffness: 50,000

(Keep in mind my density of the car goes to 17)

Is the car body aside from the weight brick massless and is the weight brick positioned low for a low center of mass?