Change materials faster with the new Material Picker [Beta]

[Update] April 26, 2024

[Update] April 25, 2024

Hi Creators!

We’re excited to announce the beta release of Material Picker, which allows you to access materials directly from the ribbon. You can select from visual previews, search, and filter to find the right material, then apply it to parts without changing Studio’s layout.

You can access Material Manager and Material Generator from the Material Picker, as they are now removed from the Home and Model tabs in the ribbon.

How It Works

The Material Picker sits alongside the Color Picker in the ribbon on the home and model tabs, and works in a similar way.

Material Generator is a separate beta feature. Please refer to this post for more information.

The Material Picker also works with MaterialVariants. Now you can load in a custom material pack, and quickly hover over the materials to preview them. (Updated on April 25, 2024 to call out a feature.)

How To Enable The Beta

Go to File > Beta Features, and enable Material Picker.

What’s Next

We’re planning to integrate Material Picker with the Properties Panel to make material selection easy from everywhere.

We look forward to your feedback!

Warm regards,
The Studio Builder Tools Team :hammer_and_wrench:


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that’s one of the things that always annoyed me without even realising!
great change! :slight_smile:


THANK YOU! :blue_heart:

I have been hoping the old style material picker would make a return, this is wayyyyyy faster and very helpful!

Are there any plans to change the colour picker, allowing for more colours instead of having to open the other picker?


Being able to do things quickly is something Roblox has been lacking up until recently!

This will make it way easier for me not to find the name of a material just to input it!

This is a life saver and will make me be able to finish tasks quickly!

Do you guys have any plans to make materials better or faster? If so, let us know!


I feel like this was already in studio but… somehow… I don’t…


Ayo, this is a feature I asked for after the epic materials update, that I have been utilizing for sure.

I now ask for the ability to change offset of materials so I can make them line up perfectly. I’m making windows on brick materials rn. That’d be pretty helpful.


Clicking a particular button on the material icon would behave like this, but now it seems all they’re doing is removing the needless popup menu if you click the material button itself, rather than the button in the corner of the button.


Please leave the properties tab as it is. If you are insistent on changing it, and want to help developers, all you should do is add the material icon to the left side of the material name text, but please do not change the sizing of the dropdown window at all!


No plans currently, but we may end up revisiting it! It could definitely use some love since it’s been around in its current form for a looooong time.

For Studio at least, we’re planning on integrating this picker into the Properties panel as well! Did you have other things in mind?

The current plan is to replace the dropdown entirely, so that when you click on the property, it would open the picker instead. Curious to hear what you like about the current dropdown over this option!


Personally I am quite satisfied with the existing colour picker, but I do think that the custom colour picker’s gradient pool could be improved visually, and should have alternate types, such as colour triangles and colour wheels, to be more consistent for people who use other colour picker types in other programs.

It just fits in with the design of the rest of the properties widget. It would also be obsolete to have multiple methods of accessing the same tool while also ruining some people’s muscle memory.
I think that beyond alternating greyscale shades for each line to make it easier to look at while scrolling and having a preview of the material at the same size the dropdown rows are currently, it should be left as-is!


It’s great that materials are now applied in a process similar to selecting colors from the color picker.
Plus, it’s more compact with all the menus condensed into one.


I would really love to see the ability to edit the x and y size and spacing for Roblox materials like we can with custom decals and the texture instance. It would be insanely useful for those who don’t work at Robloxian scales, and also to use the same material for different objects, ie to make bricks different sizes on different age buildings, and things like that.


my material selctor is greyed out and It wont let me click it any clue why?


That’s a new one! Do you think you can DM me your logs?


Ok but I dont know where to find them

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I’ll send you a DM with some instructions. Thanks!


Roblox Player and Roblox Studio Logs are both written to the same folder.

  • On PC, press the WINDOWS KEY and R at the same time. A box called Run will appear. Copy and paste or type in the following without quotes:
    • For Win32: "%localappdata%\Roblox\logs"For UWP: “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Packages\ROBLOXCorporation.ROBLOX_55nm5eh3cm0pr\LocalState\logs”

Thank you for adding this feature, much better for faster workflows of builders like myself.


@Bogden for some reason I have the beta turned on but still have the old layout?