Material Generator [Beta]

Hello Creators!

We are excited to announce the beta release of Material Generator! It seems like a few of you may have already found it. :slight_smile:

Our goal is to make it easier to create a huge variety of materials to bring your experiences to life. Material Generator is designed to create material variants from text. Insert any phrase and hit “generate”. Within a few seconds, you will be presented with some images. Don’t like them? Hit generate again, or refine your text to get different images. Click on the material to see a closer preview, and click on objects in your scene to see the preview of the material in your scene.

When you preview the material, you will notice that normal maps and roughness maps are calculated and applied. We plan to add metalness in the near future. The texture resolution is 512x512. You can choose a base material, which applies the physical properties of the base material to your new material variant. Hit Save and the material will be saved to your Material Manager!

Other examples of material variants

“Bright Red Rock Canyon” & “Brand New Wood Flooring”

“Stained Glass” & “Steampunk Circuit Wall Texture Close Up”

To enable the beta in Studio, go to File > Beta Features > and enable Material Generator. Once you restart Studio, you should see a Material Generator button in the ribbon next to Material Manager.

Writing prompts can be an iterative process. You can add a long list of descriptors to help hone in on the material you want. Here are some tips:

  • For close up patterns, try using terms like: “close up”, “top down”, and “texture”.

  • For simpler repeating patterns, try using terms like “simple”, “pattern”, “symmetrical”, and “flat”.

  • For more control, add stylistic terms like “photorealistic”, “cartoon”, “hand-drawn”.

  • For the ability to change colors, try terms like “grayscale, " allowing you to tint the material afterwards.

Let us know what works best for you in the comments below!

You are responsible for your created content

We hope you’re excited to use this new feature! We do, however, want to remind everyone that you are responsible for the content you create; anything you create will go through moderation and are subject to the terms of our community guidelines. Thank you as always for keeping safety and civility in mind when using our platform.

What’s next for the Material Generator

We really believe AI can empower creators to build amazing content, and we hope you’re as excited about this feature as we are. This is a beta feature, and we expect to improve it over time. We will be working on adding metalness to the PBR generation pipeline, and we will be adding a workflow where you can select an image you like and refine it or get more like it. Please give us any and all feedback so we can make this tool as useful as possible.

Special thanks to @LuckyKobold, @NightlyShores, @jimjamjomj, @Dogekidd2012, @xXSoftwareEngineerXx, @cthulwho, @PolarPorcupine, @Androidyouth, and many others for all their hard work on this feature!

Thank you.


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Loving the new feature, but it seems to only want to create realistic-like materials. Perhaps it would be nice to add a feature allowing users to create more stylized materials.


Omg yes, I just love it, thank you :heart:


I had cartoony materials when searching for boiling lava somehow


Try adding different words on the end like “cartoon” or “roblox” and it should change the style of materials you get back!


Quite funny that if you search “Roblox” while using the Material Generator, it proceeds to load something that it is not relevant to the platform and replaces with Lego characters for instance. Other times, it completely provides a unknown texture… :face_with_monocle:


This is a very interesting feature and the examples shown are very good. This is a very promising tool.


That’s something I had messed around with before the announcement was made, but it returns results such as this. Are stylized materials in its training data?


Do they only go through moderation if you use them? Because, what if the AI generates a bad image and you rightfully not use it?


I’m curious to know, does this function best when input is structured in sentences, separated by commas, or perhaps something else? i.e. “Old crumbling brick wall that has green moss on the side” vs “Brick wall, crumbling, green moss”


Images are only saved to your account when you hit “save and apply”. If the AI generates a bad image, please let us know.


The AI can produce almost any style. What prompt did you use? If you’re looking for less perspective, you can try top-down or close-up.


It can handle either! Try both out and let us know which works better for you.


Also, I think there should be a way to close out unwanted textures that were generated, (edit: right click the image) or at least a way to favorite ones you want to use so they can show on top. Simply just for organization purposes!

On top of that, a report button for the images could be useful for training the AI to generate only appropiate images (no idea how hard that would be to make).


Damn, my coding and 3D modeling skills are going to be obsolete in less than a few months.

Just kidding, jokes aside;
Makes me wonder, is this like Stable Diffusion integrated into Roblox or is this something entirely else?
Does it run on my own GPU or some Roblox-provided server?

I have so many questions, this seems so cool!
Having like a little AI assistant to speed up the creative process is very useful for people who are solo and do everything themselves.

Technology goes so fast, it never fails to blow my mind.


You can discard textures with right click and selecting “Discard”. Note this textures are not persisted between sessions and will be cleared on the Studio restart


It’s a great AI don’t get me wrong, but there are limited recolorization options. Grayscale prompts aren’t enough, as the lightest color on the texture MUST be white. The current AI generates grayscale textures with the lightest color being a shade of medium gray.

There are also limited generation options for stylized textures, as textures generated are often too realistic.



I wasn’t expecting anything like this to make it into Studio in the first place but this looks amazing! Will definitely be trying this out soon! ^w^

Oh my god… burger baseplate…


An artificial intelligence that will provide us newly generated materials based on given prompts? It sounds incredibly useful, I often have issues finding the right materials or textures for my creations. One question I have, though, what if we get a material that we really like but it just doesn’t repeat well? Will we have an option to get the AI to try to refine that material instead of regenerating and hoping for another good one?

Regardless, I’m ecstatic about the direction Roblox is taking. Maybe in the future we can get an AI that will force me to stop procrastinating :')