Changes to Player List Icons

The only problem that I have with it is that the UI is too big, it should be scaled down.

That’s my only criticism, but everything else is clean.


Initial Thoughts and Opinions!

So as Roblox continues to grow, these nice ascetic changes are very nice, so far I love the new leaderstats UI and it feels great, icons are looking on point. However, as soon as I saw it, problems immediately showed up


  1. First things first, it is what everyone has been saying IT IS TOO BIG, additionally this does not scale with the size of your screen. Here is examples:

Size of it normally

Size when you shrink your game

Size in studio (for me)

As you can see, the chat box gets smaller and scales to the screen size, the leaderboard does not, this is a huge problem for people with smaller screens. Not to mention what it will look like when you have tons of players on the board!

  1. The amount of text you can fit has been reduced dramatically. (Especially when you have more than one word)



Note one word seems to work decently well

Numbers getting tagged in the string box

Before this update you could fit the entirety of “Not a Member” in a leaderstat box, now you can only fit “Not A…” this is a painful thing that surly could be fixed to allow additional space.

  1. Automatic number rounding, it is a nice little feature that I surely love, but there should also be a way to disable it.

So the problem with this is that if you have a shop system and you need for instance exactly 9800$, but you have only 9790$, the leaderstats will round it up to 9800$, this could enrage players and while this is nice, there should be a way to disable this

Closing thoughts
Not a terrible update, just needs some tweeking, for instance a way to edit how much text can fit in a box, setting the size, and being able to maybe even edit the size of the board (Which I am sure @Rototally and the roblox staff will get done)

Finally, here are some images between the old Leaderboard and the new one


I personally am not completely sold on the new UI yet, I think its just to much it clutters the screen.
What do you think about it?

The new UI:

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I’m not saying the new playerlist is bad, it’s clean and smooth. But it may be too big for people playing on smaller computer screens, like me. Here is what it looks like on my computer:

So… if you look on other youtubers opinion on this, you see how they have much bigger screens and it doesn’t take as much space as mine. I’m just wondering if they adjust the size a little and see if people also have this problem.

I know this just released yesterday for me and it’s going to have some changes. If they don’t change it I’ll probably get used to it over time.


2 complaints with the new player list.

  1. It’s way too big, which gets annoying when it’s enabled by default.
  2. It’s not docked. It really annoys me and quite a few other people that it isn’t connected to the top of the screen like the old one.
    Besides that, it’s fine.

Hey developers,

We’ve heard your feedback and we agree, the playerlist re-skin could use some changes. We’ve decided to turn the leaderboard change off to allow us to address the concerns brought up in this thread, especially regarding the sizing and offset. We’ll look into the rest of the feedback as well for the improved version.

Thanks for the your passion and dedication to the platform. We appreciate your feedback.


I really love this update! But does this mean that they had removed the other kind of way to see someone else’s avatar in the menu?

Personally I’d like to have the playerlist respond to the group it’s made in. In such cases meaning that if multiple ranks got access to the game for editing it’ll add a icon to those users defining them as one of the creators of the game. Imo this way it’ll give developers that aren’t the group owner but they did work on the game the credibility they deserve in game if a custom leaderboard hasn’t been implanted. Other than that was the new leaderboard fairly decent but overall too big for the screen at some point.


No, the inspect menu is still functional and avatar thumbnails are still displayed in the escape menu.


@ElliottLMz, I also encountered this same problem with one of my group games. It would be really helpful if the text was capped at a higher level, as you suggested. A text cap of twenty sounds reasonable considering usernames are capped at 20 characters. Anyways, I truly do hope some changes are done to this leaderboard, as it also does seem a bit unfinished and could use some slight modifications, including a size reduction.


In regards to the playerlist, I agree with everyone above that said that the size of the leaderboard is massive and the leaderboard is offset way too much. I would like to add on that if this were going to be added to ROBLOX, the leaderboard just does not fit the theme of the other UI elements. The new leaderboard and the chat GUI have two separate types of modern to it. The new leadboard involves a line separating each individual element to make it clear that one thing is another, while at the same time the chat GUI’s theme is completely off theme with two boxes resembling the different areas. All that really is needed is a small change to the chatbox theme if we plan for this to be an official change for ROBLOX to ensure that everything looks intentional, organized, and sharp throughout the entire UI.

I can say the same thing to the ROBLOX menu as well, but it’s forgivable since it subtly intertwines both the game and the page theme.


Ok thank you very much! This helped a lot! c:


Even though this has already been removed, I still would like to add on. As everyone said, it’s way too big. One thing I didn’t see much was how it wasn’t as transparent as the rest. I didn’t see anyone mention this next thing. The stats aren’t specific enough. For most games, it’s not a problem. With games with currency, it’s really bad. For example, Lumber Tycoon. Also, I don’t believe we even needed an update to the player list. It still looks very modern the way it is, and fits in.


I appreciate that you guys are listening more and more to feedback on updates, and hope to continue to do so!

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I can’t wait for it to be allowed on chromebook, because Roblox is downloaded from the google play store when your using a chromebook, I also like how the New Player-List almost looks like the 2015 or 2014 Player-List (a little bit)
just look closely at the 2014-Player-List and the New One and you will understand what i mean!


As far as I remember, that leaderboard style is from 2012, with the one below being introduced in 2013.


Furthermore, if you have a quick look at that quote above, you’ll see that it has been disabled for all users for the time being, due to issues regarding sizing and offset.

My understanding would be that Chromebook users such as yourself would get any future change at the same time as Android users, because your Roblox app is sourced from the Google Play Store, the same as on Android devices.


It did Looked like it was from 2014 to me, oh well, i didn’t played Roblox since 2012, Anyways Hopefully you are right that the new player-list would get any Future-Change.


In all honesty I don’t like the new update, it just doesn’t match the theme of the rest of roblox, here are some quick points I’ve picked up on:

  • It’s way too big.
  • Too obnoxious for war/raid clans who may need to keep the UI open.
  • Doesn’t scale well.
  • Seems very rushed.

These points have been brought up above, I just throught I would reiterate them to show the struggles of people who need the UI for combat, ex. during raids.

@icunicu1983 Hey, you are a little off-topic for this thread but I would advise you warn your son not to trust anybody who randomly says “I can do this for you” on Discord. I presume the script was malicious and possibly enabled NSFW content, etc. I am unsure of your specific case, however, I would advise you get in touch with Roblox cusomter support who can assist you and your son further.


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