Changes to the Games Sort Order

I wasn’t talking about all of them, I was talking about the “Underplayed” featured games. Sometimes the featured games are great, and they get tons of players as a result.

That CTR hurts to look at. Updates that potentially effect advertisements/sponsors should not be pushed without asking the community or even better, disabling new sponsors and advertisements, then pushing the update after all of them are over.

Thank god my game had some extra features we wanted to add so we couldn’t sponsor this week. Guess I’ll be waiting because I’m not a fan of user ads.


The popular sort allows anyone to gain exposure for their game, as long as it’s fun and focused on hooking players to keep the player count high. A relatively small run of ads (<10k R$) was all I had to invest to help my game go viral, and that’s part of what makes Roblox compelling. When I first released Bee Swarm Sim, I was new to developing on Roblox, didn’t know people in the community, and had no idea about programs like the featured sort. If over time the popular sort / other player-driven means of exposure are replaced in favor of curation, I think that could end up hurting newer developers who aren’t established in the community. For example, I don’t imagine Bee Swarm Sim would have had a chance to be featured when I released it given how rough it was and it being my first game on the platform.

I see the value in having more control over what gets seen, as it can help Roblox steer and refine the image of the platform as a whole. But at the same time, the success of Roblox is largely dependent on the ability for spontaneous genres and design trends to go viral, and it’s often hard for individuals or teams to predict what those trends will be (and even harder for them to be persuaded / forced). The popular list does this job more naturally, and that’s a big part of why I feel it should be prominent, but it’s definitely not perfect (eg. having to design your game to keep players online almost artificially).

That said I don’t think this test run is a bad thing at all, these are more thoughts on the direction as a whole. I read a few comments saying how this is obviously beneficial for new developers, and I wanted to suggest that that’s not necessarily the case. For brand new developers, any player-generated list that measures engagement (be it through player count, return visits, rating, spending, etc) offers more of an opportunity to stand out since there’s no barrier of entry beyond creating a game and the lists themselves promote games going viral by design.


I’m confused at people talking about sponsored game ads CTR going down, I understand impressions could be going down because less people are clicking on game sorts that have space for sponsored game ads, but why would CTR go down too?

People look at the top. They don’t look at the bottom. It’s inside all of us (me and you) that the top of a list is the most important

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The sponsored game ads are where they’ve always been, within the game tiles on certain liquid game sorts. I noticed they weren’t on Popular Near You so once someone clicks on a game sort with sponsored ads there’s no difference.
The first 2 sorts not having sponsored game ads at all can explain why the impressions have gone down, but that doesn’t explain why CTR (Click through rate) would go down.

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If it’s on the player’s screen, it still counts as an impression even if they don’t see it with their eyes.

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I don’t think it’s fair to say “the majority”. The devforum is home to thousands of people and the Roblox platform home to millions more.

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This sounds interesting. Glad to see some more detail on the games page here and there.

The whole point is that it’s a scaled-down version of the developer forum. I would agree that the sample size is too small, since there are only 33 voters, but the overwhelming 91% majority kind of overshadows that.

Even if that poll does get a hundred votes or whatever that’s nowhere NEAR the sample size of the entire devforum nor the entire Roblox platform. It is very rash to consider it the “majority” of users not liking the update. Show me the majority.

If they wanted to voice their opinion, they would have done it here anyways. If your opinion doesn’t get counted: Tough luck my friend.

Also, when you have a 91% majority, I heavily doubt that adding more devs to the size would make them like this “Update” more. In fact, as more devs voted, it got changed in favor of not liking this update.

Also, no accusations here, but you seem a bit biased because you’re a featured game developer.

91% majority of 30 people?

That doesn’t seem like a good sample size to get reliable data from.

And on the bias, not really. I’m personally not a huge fan of the change. I just like to make sure data is unbiased and reliable.
Plus, my time on the featured sort was over a year ago.

Yes, it doesn’t seem like a good sample size, but if you took 10000 random people in the world( from anywhere), and 9,999 agreed on something, you would believe that most of the world would, even though the ratio of 10000:7 billion is probably greater than 33:a few thousand.

btw sorry for calling you biased that was fake

Go find ten thousand people to take your poll and then I’ll take your remark about the “majority” a bit more seriously.

30 something people is no where near an adequate sample size for millions.

Ten thousand is a smaller part of 7 billion than 33 is a part of the devforum, yet the ten thousand part would easily be accepted. I heavily doubt that there were randomly like 30 people who stumbled on that poll and were anti-update, and most of the pro-update players managed to not see that specific post.

also i heavily doubt there are millions on the devforum. i actually doubt there are over 20k

I never said millions on the devforum. I said thousands on the devforum and millions more on the platform.

Argurably the players opinions regarding this change matter more than the developers.

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Yeah, but sadly the developers can only vote on polls. The regular player should be accounted for, but Roblox doesn’t really give us a method to poll them

Then its not fair to say that the majority of Roblox doesn’t like the change unless you have the facts to back it up.

I honestly meant the majority of the devforum, but you’re right on the fact that we can’t efficiently tell if the majority of Roblox agrees with the change. I honestly think they should have more of a voice