Changes to the International Category

Hey developers,

You’re probably aware of our International category on the DevForum. Currently, we use it to host subcategories for each language to which we have a member of our Developer Engagement Team dedicated. The top-level International category is used for every other language.

The other day, @Nightgaladeld and I were talking and we realized that we can host this in a much better way.

We present to you the culmination of all of our brainstorming:

The new layout for International doesn’t include subcategories.

You may be asking, “Whaaat? No subcategories?”

Yes. No subcategories. Instead, we’re making each language we support, which are currently subcategories, into their own top-level categories.

“But won’t that clutter the forum?” you ask, just as we asked ourselves.

No… because each of these categories will only be visible to a DevForum group corresponding to the appropriate language category. These groups are publicly visible and joinable, meaning that these categories are completely opt-in.

Here are the groups at the time of writing this announcement:

Brazilian Portuguese




Anyone may join these groups and be able to see the category corresponding to that language. Only DevForum New Member+ can create and reply to topics.

That’s pretty cool and all, but the real benefit is that we get to create subcategories to organize the language-specific categories!

Under each category will be the following subcategories:

  • Updates and Announcements
  • Development Resources
  • Development Support
  • Development Discussion
  • Collaboration

Our hope is that this change will help create a more conducive collaboration and discussion environment for all of our developers around the world.

Developer Relations


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Does that mean that the international category is gonna be removed? What about the contributions that were made there? (Thread for international Discord servers for example)


No, the International category will stay for all of the languages that we don’t currently have staffing for. :slight_smile:


Yay, now I don’t have to mute a new category I can’t understand every time it’s released because Discourse’s mute isn’t recursive.


Eine wundervolle Idee :)! Roblox wird besser und besser :)!


It’s good news that international categories are getting some work done. One big “issue” I have with them right now is the fact that they tag you everytime an official post gets translated.

I understand it is for visibility and what not, but it most of the time it does nothing other than annoy people: if I know english and cared I would have already read it and if I didn’t know english I would be browsing the corresponding language category and would have seen it anyway


“Whaaaaaat?” No dutch category???


Just to clarify, where are you being pinged for official announcements being translated?

edit: never mind, I see. I’ll follow up with the team and see if there’s a better way for us to get the desired visibility on these announcements.


Ok, got it.

This was an old policy stemming from the fact that the languages were restricted to being subcategories of the International category. Our team used pings to raise awareness for big announcements because there was very little capability to organize the subcategories.

We’re discontinuing that policy, so no more pinging! :smiley:


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