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CharacterGenerator is a plugin which can be really useful for GFX artists, as it allows you to generate random characters under a second. Everything which is generated is selected randomly by the algorithm. This how the generated characters may look like:

Feel free to share your feedback on this plugin, as I am looking to improve :wink:.


Wowozers this is a very cool plugin. It would be nice if it worked faster and on multiple characters at a time. When I was testing it a character took almost 140 seconds to generate and on average for me 20 seconds on a slow computer.

A Few Suggestions

  • You could add a custom character creator where we could add in the asset IDs to be put on the character or options to choose the gender or body color.
  • Giving the characters selected a random name would also be a cool feature
  • Also a list of asset IDs that you can edit for randomly generating characters in a specific theme would also be great.

TSevik, thanks for your feedback. I am looking forward to make generating process way faster. The reason why it’s slow, is that plugin tries to find random shirt and pants from the catalog, however when I add massive library of ids of shirts and pants, It will be replaced with that, and it’s gonna be matter of second or bit longer depending on user’s internet speed since items need to be downloaded from the catalog. There is a lot of features planned for future updates, one of them will be of course more control of what generator will generate, source and method of generating. I am happy that you liked the plugin :wink:. Multiple characters seems to be an great idea too.

Edit: You can update plugin, 600 shirts and 600 pants where added to library, I switched source now. It should take 1s-8s


This is an amazing tool, however what I’d like to do is generate random characters mid game. Take for example a zombie game with unique zombies every time or something of the sort. I’m just curious if you’d be against making this open sourced or a free model.


I can make Module that you can require and use it in this way. I will try to do it, that way, once I am done with it, I will make short and small documentation on how to use it.


Man i can not stress you how much this useful because it takes me a long time to figure out a character outfit


Thanks for your positive feedback. I am working hard to release more features and enable users to have more control over what generator will generate.

I am blown away by this plugin, will definitely be using it :+1:

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Version 1.3 Has Been Released

Whats New:

  • Plugin has been re-written
  • GUI re-designed
  • Added Character Settings, it allows you to determinate what generator will generate and what not, it also allows you to set the default value that will be used by generator whenever the part that is generated is not allowed to be generated.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Faster Character generating
    and More…

I am VERY proud of the avatar this made for me haha.

I think this is a super cool feature and i think that this could help a lot of people with time, however it does gradually get slow on some avatars witch is understandable, is extremely nice though
Well done!


Thank you for positive feedback. Yes I agree that generator goes slow on some avatars, it’s mostly caused by data required to download for an item that will be attached to the rig. I am also trying to work on feature which will allow users to generate characters on multiple rigs. I am happy that it helped!

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Good job! This saves lots of time. Maybe you could add a feature that filters by genre? Like it only takes things from the catalog under a specified genre.

Also maybe split up male and female accessories

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Thanks for your positive feedback. I am looking forward to add “genres” and “gender” options, however it’s hard to mark items for certain gender, due over 6,000 catalog id’s. It would take me almost forever to mark those in categories such as “female”, “male” and “both”. Roblox currently doesn’t have filter for gender, correct me if I am wrong.

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This is really useful for generating characters. But alot of times the characters generated aren’t really something I would see anyone using. But is fine because it’s “random.” But it would be nice to be able to toggle some parts off like the back parts or shoulder parts.

You can turn them off

To turn off, just click on what part you want to disable and click on button until it says “NO”.


Thanks for making this plugin, it’s gonna be really helpful in the future! I got a few suggestions for you to add. (I am not a dev and I don’t know if these are possible.)

  • Add more accessory customization, add a hat/hair limit, maybe add a gender setting if possible.
  • This one is very stupid and probably also impossible, but a way to filter out Adidas cloth lol.

I’m really looking forward to seeing more updates for this plugin!


Thank you for your feedback. Gender option isn’t really possible, I would have to manually go through every item :confused:. Also it would be hard to filter out Adidas cloth because it’s everywhere on front-page xd.


How to generate character with CharacterGenerator Module


Many people asked if there will be module, so here is one, it finally arrived.


  1. Create a R15 rig
  2. Create new script
  3. Put this into the script
local CharacterGenerator = require(5414759230) -- Require the module
CharacterGenerator.renderCharacter(workspace.Dummy, {
	{5315631691, 0}, -- {[id], [gender(0: male, 1: female, 2: both)]}
	{5033253598, 2},
	{4962466909, 0},
	{4238241252, 2},
	{5099971629, 2},
	{4138932738, 2},
	{5101677599, 1},
	{5105782641, 1},
	{2623731267, 0},
	{5413069484, 1},
	{5413087322, 1},
	{5411637426, 2},
	{5116778464, 1},
	{2929716260, 0},
	{5067662049, 1},
	{4602272400, 1},
	{4708265828, 1},
	{4935034478, 1},
	{4933287912, 1},
	{4602272831, 1},
	{14815761, 1},
	{4837206865, 2},
	{13062491, 2},
	--{0000000000, 0},
}, {gender = math.random(0, 1), bodycolors = true, showlogs = true}) -- Use the module's function ([character], [library], [options])
  1. Run the place
  2. Congratulations, you have generated a random character

Behind The Code

For carious ones, here the link to the module, you can also leave a like, favorite, and you can also share it with your friends!

How To Have Custom Body Colors

CharacterGenerator.renderCharacter(..., {...}, {gender = ..., bodycolors = {Color3.fromRGB(..., ..., ...)}, showlogs = ...})

You can also remove the items from the example and replace with your proffered ones.

If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them :wink:


Version 1.4 Has Been Released




If you get lucky enough, you will get a nice match (clothing match) like on the screenshot below.

Whats new:

  • Plugin has been re-written from scratch.
  • You no longer need a rig. Character will appear in the preview frame instead.
  • Id’s of items that character is made up of are now shown in the list frame which is next to the character preview frame.
  • The complete randomness has been replaced with algorithm that is generating characters based off your feedback choices (like, and dislike).
  • You can now export your character into workspace by pressing export button.
  • You can clear all of your feedback choices by pressing clear cache button.
  • Characters are now being generated under 2 seconds (average is ~1s).
  • Generation of characters won’t use your internet at all, as necessary assets are downloaded first on plugin start-up.
  • Currently there is 4022 assets, and it may take ~6 minutes on good internet connection to download them. I am planning to allow users to choose how much they want to download and allow them to keep the downloaded files so they don’t have to redownload them each time. As for right now generate as many characters as you need before closing the place, so you don’t have to deal with the installer too much.
  • Plugin has been renamed from “Character Generator” to “CharacterGenerator”.

Couple notes:

  • There will be no multiple character generation. But don’t worry, once I rewrite the module, you will able to generate characters in any way you want, as well as generating them during runtime of a game.
  • You may need to moderate the characters yourself before exporting and using them anywhere; as for right now the characters may generate naked due the luck of shirt, pants or both. I will try my best to reduce those.
  • The module will be rewritten, so it will be fixed as soon as I release the revamp for it.
  • Character settings are missing, don’t worry they will be added.
  • If you have run into any issue with this plugin, please inform me about it :slightly_smiling_face:.

For some reason, the head has been placed in different areas instead of where it is supposed to be. It’s been happening several times.