Close discussion back!

My intention was not to be rude, it was for you and others in general to know a specific example of an unacceptable post in that category.

Hopefully, you read this before posting:

DD is not a place for people to ask for help on things such as not being awarded a prize from a Roblox event. It’s for developers to engage in useful developmental discussion that will benefit everyone.

I am human, I’ve made plenty of mistakes, take this as a learning opportunity to grow. I apologize if I made you feel inferior, but again, it was not my intention.

As someone who frequently looks at the “New” tab and the DD category, your topic isn’t hidden from the list, even if it was flagged down by the community.

I actually didn’t realize the topic is never fully hidden.
I’d imagine that’s what would happen to be honest.

Edit from September 2022: For anyone who’s somehow reading this now, then I apologize for my actions, after all of this I had some time to look back on what I did and realized how immature I was at the time, Thank you for reading this. :slight_smile:

oh cuz i didnt see that discussion rule as well i would only make discussions about developments thanks

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I would like something like this but unfortunately, ranks are built into Discourse, the forum management software that is used to make the DevForums, and ranks cannot be edited or removed.

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I’m talking more like adding another rank. Member is allowed to post in D.d but Advanced member is allowed to make topics in D.d(kind of like bug categories). Get what I’m saying?

These are called trust levels. There are 4 built-in trust levels on Discourse. Only their permissions can be changed. New ones cannot be created and the existing ones cannot be removed.

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I wasn’t aware of that, thanks.

I’m surprised though-it seems like there should be more options on discourse in general to allow for a more customized experience
To add on to further statements, I’m laughing out loud when people who are clearly violating rules sometimes just after they do it(and they’re relatively new, even compared to people like me(7 months in here, not TOO bad). It’s like the equivalent of joining a discord server and right away acting like a mod.

This is just getting worse, and worse over time. Almost every day, I need to flag a discussion post as “off topic”.
Exhibit A:
Exhibit B: Isn't this script Scam?
Most of these posts are made by newcomers not correctly using topics, and being generally clueless. I just want to have a good discussion, and read others opinions, and I truly do want it to be open to members like myself, but with the influx of inappropriate topics, it’s harder not to agree with you.


Well now #development-discussion is a total rant about bugs, Roblox updates and repeated questions(EX: How to do…, What do you think…) instead of real and valuable discussions.

Obviously, they have no plan to close the channel but at least somehow try to force people to read the rules before making a topic.

I mean like come on:

Do not provide feedback on the platform here

Something simple like a quick poll or question won’t do! Thoughtful discussion will improve the experience of everyone involved.


I’ll be honest, users who are dumb enough not to read the rules are dumb enough to not bother to follow the rules. However there are some cases when newer users are sometimes just ignorant, and post whatever topic, and they suddenly get a warning message that why their topic was removed, simply because it was off-category or etc. however, they should already learn from their mistake, and not do it again more frequently.

The reason why I said “users who are dumb enough not to read the rules are dumb enough to break the rules” is simply of some people’s incompetence in their discipline. I mean, I’ll admit I made once or thrice of off-category topics in #development-discussion back in my time when Post Approval was a thing, and thankfully they rejected it, and told me why it shouldn’t even be posted there in first place, I learned my lesson by reading the rules again, and examining what I did wrong thanks to the warnings made by the Post Approval Team when #development-discussion was under Post Approval, and I also learned on my mistakes in posting when in other categories, as we sometimes make mistakes. I’m not saying we should be perfect, however, we should be obeying simple rules.

I’ve seen two or more same people posting in #development-discussion getting their posts flagged by the community and taken down again and again, and they still wouldn’t stop posting trash topics in #development-discussion, I’m pretty sure the moderators or the Developer Engagement Team of the Developer Forum’s moderation team sent them warning letters why their post was deleted, and I’m pretty sure they tend to ignore it or are too incompetent to read the message, because if they already read it, or they acknowledged their mistake, they would be more aware and think before they post, but for this users, they’re either too incompetent or stupid to understand simple rules.

What we need, is a complete lock of #development-discussion, to the rank of Regular, I used to support the fact that Members can post in #development-discussion, until we get a new system to replace Post Approval… but now it seemed more worst, low quality posting for farming likes along with some topics that should be considered to be off-topic aren’t even removed anymore due to the influx of spam or trash topics the Developer Engagement Team has to handle. In all sincerity, they should find a proper solution to this, as #development-discussion becomes worst and worst, more people would be encouraged to make off-topic threads their and use #development-discussion as a category for a public forum, when they always fail to comprehend this is a Developer Forum, which had rules to protect it from becoming a public forum where we can trash the entire categories.


We will not be implementing this request since accessibility of the mentioned category is important for the community.