[Closed] [$70K USD - $110K USD / yr] Adopt Me is hiring Systems Engineers

[Closed] Check out our updated job post: [Moved] [$70K USD - $110K USD / yr] Adopt Me is hiring Systems Engineers

DreamCraft is the studio behind Adopt Me, the record-breaking #1 concurrent player count game on Roblox with over 20M monthly active users. As a core part of our growing team, you will help develop and deliver new gameplay and systems to our worldwide community. We are looking for talented candidates who will help make Adopt Me (and future DreamCraft titles) even bigger and better.

Adopt Me is Roblox’s premiere pet adoption game, featuring an in-depth housing and avatar editor, strong trading economy, and vibrant social community


  • A diverse and passionate team, where you can collaborate on great work with talented specialists
  • The opportunity to lead, to have significant impact on our products and to contribute to our evolving vision
  • A professional but relaxed working environment, where your creative input matters
  • The opportunity to build something ambitious, to raise the bar and to be a part of one of the most innovative studios on the platform


  • Be curious, want to improve yourself and others
  • Care deeply about our mission of creating best-in-class game content that kids will remember long into adulthood
  • Take ownership of projects and be willing to lead
  • Empathize deeply with others and believe our games can be vessels for social good

DreamCraft is based in San Mateo, California (US) and though we prefer candidates in the area or who can relocate, we have remote working options for strong candidates.



  • Coordinate with gameplay programmers to determine what frameworks and tools they need to be successful
  • Design and implement core frameworks, datastore wrappers, logging / tracking systems, React-like difference engines for rendering models, and performance profiling using Roblox Lua


  • Deep understanding of systems design
  • Strong grasp of Roblox API
  • Deep understanding of the design and implementation of data structures (stacks, queues, graphs, hashmaps, etc) and algorithms (BFS, DFS, Quicksort, etc)
  • Able to work full-time
  • Strong communication skills in English


  • Past experience building or contributing to open source frameworks
  • Bachelor’s Degree (or working towards degree) in Computer Science


  • Pay will be competitive and negotiable. Est. $70,000 - $110,000 USD / yr, based on your experience

You must be 18 or older to apply. To apply for this job, please email jobs@playadopt.me with the subject “SYSTEMS ENGINEER” and include a copy of your CV / Resume, and a brief overview (cover letter) of why you want to work at DreamCraft.



@Kensizo is a recommendation I’d have to throw out there.


@EchoZenkai is someone I highly recommend.



I am wondering if you guys let applicants know if they qualify for the position on the go, or if you guys will be notifying applicants at the end of the hiring period? And if I apply to become a systems engineer can my application go for gameplay programmer as well, or would you guys rather have a separate application filled out?

Thank you.


Great questions!

We will notify applicants as soon as our team has made a determination on a specific individual. In other words, we won’t notify everyone all at once at the end of the hiring period.

And if you’re interested in applying for both positions, feel free to send in a single email titled “GAMEPLAY PROGRAMMER / SYSTEMS ENGINEER”


Thank you for the clarification.

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Thanks everyone who has applied thus far - you guys are so talented and brilliant! We’re reviewing portfolios and resumes as rapidly as we can and are going to try to get responses to the first batch of candidates soon.

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Best of luck to everyone applying. This is a pretty amazing opportunity.

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