[CLOSED] Hiring a builder (low-poly preferred) to re-create a map. [200K+]

Hey, I’m interested! Check out my portfolio:[OPEN] Builder for hire | Low poly, Cartoon style


I am interested in this work, experience in recreating maps for big games with quality and maximum optimization.

Map Designer & 3D Modeler | Streeteenk - Portfolio
Streeteenk#8836 - Discord


Hey! Sweet builds, but do you have any examples of environmental/map design?


Hey there! I want to apply! (even though there is a lot of competition) My Portfolio: [OPEN] Coyann || Scripter/Modeler || Portfolio I specialize in Modeling, that’s why I would be able to make a lot of meshes for the map. Contact me on Discord (Coyan#3181) if you are interested!

Hey, thanks for your response.

I’ve been recently working on another Simulator, here is a example from that game I made with all models of mine. This took me 25 minutes to place down, the models took roughly 6. This is fairly old but I hope it’ll be enough to fit your demands. If you’re not impressed, as stated, I can work on a few things and see if you like it. I removed all billboards and textures for showing off only the build itself, instead of enhancing the build/map.

If you have anything else in mind, please contact me, I’d be more than happy to assist you in whatever you need or have in store for me to do.


Hey, I am very interested in tackling this for you. Here are some examples in multiple different styles:


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If you are still looking for someone.

I’m not really a modeller, as I work more with part-based builds, but I’ll leave my portfolio below just in case if you might be interested in some of the stuff that I’ve worked on. I’m looking for a commission right now and I have a lot of time to waste, so I’ll probably be able to complete this quite quickly.

I’m willing to try and learn Blender if needed to make the final product more sufficient.

Squidzyee - Updated Building Portfolio.

I also have some more stuff on my Twitter if you dig through my profile. I haven’t made many development posts recently though.


If you’re potentially interested in some of my building, then a swift reply to this post would be appreciated. Or you can directly contact me on Twitter or on Discord; my tag is Squidzyee#8896.

Hey i love your game and i would be intrested!

Very interested! I shot ya a message! :grin: Here is my portfolio too: Julpho: Building Portfolio

Love your buildings, I’m curious if you have any environmental/map designs that you’ve previously created that I could possibly see.

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I haven’t really dabbed much with environmental design as it’s nothing I’ve ever had to touch. I do have this one example where I added some surrounding mountains in this Cafe map I made earlier on this year. It features some trees, rocks and a small sloped beach.


I’m assuming most of the environmental design for the map would be rather basic and not too overly complex, as it’ll need to be optimised for gameplay. I’ve already checked out the map and if that’s roughly what I’m expected to develop on, there shouldn’t be any massive boundaries that I’ll need to tackle.

Discord tag is Squidzyee#8896 if you want to proceed further.

Very interested in this project! Here’s my work:

My discord: Sinox#0001

Looking at the build, I don’t see many routes where relying heavily on MeshParts would improve performance- if anything you’d be increasing triangle counts.

Exchanging many Parts for few MeshParts doesn’t inherently mean better performance- especially in simplistic geometry. (It can, just not always.) To avoid flooding this thread, I’ve sent you a lengthy DM on why this is the case.

If you are wanting to rebuild the map, I’d focus on improving aesthetics. If you are irritated with recoloring parts, check out the plugin, Studio Command Panel.

Your primary performance hit would come from your scripts and part physics with the spinning coins. Rendering the remaining static geometry (~9,000 parts) is trivial in comparison. For perspective, games like Jailbreak and Murder Mystery 2 both sit at around 25,000 parts.

Please keep this in mind and don’t waste your money on a misconception that less workspace objects automatically means better performance.


I’ve just shot you a friend request on Discord! Looking forward to the conversation. (My Discord Username is Fabi#1111)

Hello! I am interested I have been commissioned by Builder_Boy to help with some builds, FamedChris, Tofu, and Ant and many more! I have been building for 5 years now here is my portfolio!

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Ever since I started building I adored the low poly theme, I’ve been continuing to build my skills in the style. I’ve learnt to build quickly while still keeping quality a top concern. When I saw your post I was like “That’s a dream job.” I originally joined magnet simulator thinking, this is a joke, just another simulator. I was wrong. For some reason, this game has pulled me in and won’t let me out. I would be greatly honored to help you develop your masterpiece.

The post said you needed someone to recreate the map, and for my example. That’s exactly what I did.

I present the recreated spawn, featuring (slightly) redesigned buildings, shadow map lighting, my own trees and rocks.

I have played the game for hours and hours on end, I know the ugly works of “Pets 'N Eggs”, I know what stuff looks good and what doesn’t. I know I’m the right builder for you.

If you don’t pick me, (which you likely won’t) PLEASE pick someone who has played the game and understands it well.

My stuff

Willing to work 8-12 hours per day,
Really don’t expect high payment
I’m experienced in blender and studio

Sorry for terrible format

(not sure if im above 30 characters)

When he means recreate, he means like to reinvent it and make it different… Not like actually re copy it.

Hey I’m interested in this job can u send me a message on discord: subgamer15#5119

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