[Closed] Hiring Builder

Would you be looking for another GUI Designer, I am free. But, I will be a packup one.

Yes low poly / smooth theme, something like this

Did you contact me on discord?

Yeah I sent u a friend request on discord.

For some reason my friend system is not workin I am adding u and it says I am but then it shows I did not se I will just send you my discord username here friend this. MR_COP201/Enforcement ROLEPLAYS#1200

Hey - I am interested in this! Check out my portfolio; AmazingAbs: Porfolio

I sent you a friend request on discord, my user is AcceptingOP#1323

Ok, I was a little confused because I did not see your friend request

Did you accept my friend request?

Yes I did, we are not looking for UI designers right now though

Its a nice portfolio, could you send me it in DMs please so its easier for me

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Yes, I accepted your friend request


I take my request back. I’d not recommend these people as your development partners, the vibe is bad. Looking elsewhere would be wise. The person who added me as a friend on Discord was very cold, and disinterested sounding, and took forever to read or respond to my messages. They’ve obviously got better things to do, so let them do it. Someone else will actually value you when considering you as a developer for their game. This is my opinion, and a warning for anyone reading this. Scriptide already has some very popular games, which is probably the reason why.

It isn’t your place to judge the people applying for the position. That’s the job of the group owner.

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Pretty sure he ain’t judging them, but just giving a warning to those applying.

Im not on discord 24/7, I was doing something else and you gave me less than an hour to reply before unfriending me ;-;

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I sent a friend request on discord. I am interested.

Just incase you haven’t found a builder, I am quite interested in learning more about this commission. Here’s my portfolio joshiethecarry’s building portfolio

Hi, my name is Michael and i was wondering if you still have a spot for this builder job.

Hello! I have interest in your position and will provide my portfolio below.