[Closed] Hiring Builder

Just incase you haven’t found a builder, I am quite interested in learning more about this commission. Here’s my portfolio joshiethecarry’s building portfolio

Hi, my name is Michael and i was wondering if you still have a spot for this builder job.

Hello! I have interest in your position and will provide my portfolio below.

Ok, I will check your portfolio out, also be sure to message me on discord

Hi! I’m interested, here is a link to my portfolio.

Hey there, If this position is still open I’d love to apply. Here is my portfolio and I’ll be adding you on discord asap :)) #Barl3179

I suppose It’s worth a shot.


Sent a DM on discord, super interested!

Hey I am interested if the position is still open! Here is my portfolio

Here is my discord: SOLo470#7214

Im Interested! I’ll send you a friend request.

Hello I am interested in the building role you can contact me via Forum or on discord at Dinosoreo32#0306. Here is my portfolio: [OPEN] Professional Builder/Modeler Commissions (LOW POLY AVAILABLE!)

Add me, I can do this in 1 day. Plethoa#9971

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