[CLOSED] Looking for a 3D Gun Modeler! [135K - 180K+]

About Us
Hey, I’m currently a developer for a productions group, going by the name of On-Point Productions , and we are on the lookout for an individual who is willing to create assets for our undisclosed game.

About The Job
On-Point Productions is looking for a person to model a decent amount of weapons, for the most part being guns of a few sorts. The building style that we prefer is more on the low-poly side, an example can be found below. Examples of your work will be required before you are hired for the job. Great quality builds will be expected.

About 15-20 guns will be needed in the next 2 weeks, and in the future we will most likely come back to you with higher payments for more guns. WE ARE ALSO WILLING TO BUY ANY PRE-MADE GUNS!!!

Since about 15-20 guns will be needed in a period of about 3 weeks, we will pay per asset depending on the complexity of the build. At minimum , we are willing to pay R$ 9,000 per build (or the USD DevEx equivalent), but will go higher if the build takes more time than the others and is complex.

Contact Us
The two best ways to apply are to privately message me on DevForum with your portfolio, or to reply to this thread with your portfolio attached.



A good example of a 3D Model gun is here:

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Hello, I’m interested in this position. I’m a gun modeler. You can add me at Relivus #5032 on discord, where I can send you more guns that I made. These are some guns that I made recently. If you need me to show you more images or more guns that I have made just add me on discord, or send me a message here on the DevForums.

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Here is a portfolio of me. I only have some pickaxes that I made for Strucid. Above, I have some guns that I made. Profession Mesh Creator, Low-Poly and Realistic Developer for Hire. Lots of Experience

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@GuestCapone I don’t know if this is something you’d be wanting to do, but you should take a look.

I’m selling this set [SELLING] weapons set

I would love to make guns for you! Here is one of my high polys. https://gyazo.com/0d9b8a80420bb3d1adf96e9371d93144

Arent you guys paying USD through paypal?

That image, is probably above the triangle limit for Studio, if it isn’t it’s probably better to take a picture of it in studio than what site your using in the picture.

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It is a lot more, thats why I had to take it out part by part. But, I can do low polys as well.

You should probably showcase that work then.

For sure, once I get on my PC ill try to find some of my low polys that are already made.

Definitely interested, send me a list of all of the weapons you’re wanting to have made as well as specifications for them and I can get you a quote. Portoflio:

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I can do stuff like this aswell,
image image

Hey server! I have a few premade low poly guns that fit your style! I bought these for a game I was working on which sadly didn’t turn out as planned.

Hi server, I am a 3d modeler and i’ll like to create the low poly guns for your game! I’m a really good 3d modeler able create low poly and high poly weapons or anything!

https://gyazo.com/c620f36275f5e58a099ebd474c350377 https://gyazo.com/1e590c6004abfe567155143129eb15fd

Here is my portfolio. Relivus || Professional Builder and Modeler For Hire ||

Could you add me? Portfolio is to big to be sent here:


I highly recommend commissioning/hiring @GuestCapone very talented and very hard working.

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