[CLOSED] Looking for Graphic Designer & 2D Artist

:coffee: | About Us
JavaHut is an upcoming bakery/cafe group on Roblox striving to introduce modernized technology and a new era into the business industry. Players can create delicious recipes and enjoy the wonders that our group has to offer!

:cookie: | About the Job
We are looking for two phenomenal graphics artist to provide us with designs to help our group stand out!

2D Artist

As an artwork designer, you will be tasked to create three unique logos, one for Halloween, one of Christmas and one regular logo. This logo should consist of a hand-drawn “mascot” to represent the group. You will also be creating 8 Discord emoticons of our mascot with multiple expressions as well as the Leadership Team.

image image

GFX Designer

As a GFX Designer, you’ll be making 3d icons for each of our games. One for the cafe, one for the interview center, one for the training center, one for the event center and one for the application center.


:icecream: | Payment
The payment provided is not negotiable and will not be provided before your work is completed. There is no need to comment criticizing this process if you don’t like it; just move on. I have seen numerous people being practically harassed because of this.

2D Artist - 10,000 Robux
GFX Designer - 10,000 Robux

:doughnut: | Contact
You can contact me through the Developer Forums or by messaging me on Discord. Discord is my preferred method of communication.

Please don’t reach out to me if you don’t have experience or examples to send me. In your initial message mention how you have reached me and show me your portfolio.


Thanks for reading! :cupcake:


Hi, I am experienced with 2d art in photoshop and 3d art in blender. I will show you my portfolio on discord.

Heya I can help you with the gfx art and have made some for massive groups!


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Hello! I am interested in the position as a graphic artist, and possibly a UI artist if needed.
Sent a discord friend request. My discord username is zander;;#2567.

Portfolio-wise, it is being remade, though, I can provide some on discord.

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Added you on Discord. Thanks for showing interest!

Added you Discord. Thanks for showing interest! Much appreciated.

Hi there,
I’m interested in this commission you can see my portfolio here if you’re intrested in contacting me;

Or you can contact SeirdFX to commission him here; https://twitter.com/SeirdFX/status/1273588956978872321

Added on discord vvolfy#0813
I have over 4 years of experience

Hello! I am GFX Artist and I am very interested in this work. I would love to get in contact with you through discord, I have sent you a friend request and currently, I am waiting for it to be accepted. Have a good day.

I’m interested.
Portfolio : Zaq's portfolio

Hi, I am interested. Here is my portfolio Manvir | Logo, UI, GFX and Vector Designer [OPEN]

Also, I sent u a dm on discord from Manvir#8432

Heya! I was wondering if you needed a professional GUI designer!

I have added you in discord, and i would love to be one of the GFX Designers

Discord: KonePlayzYT#0570

I’ve sent a req on discord.

(koji !#1000)

I sent you a DM just in case it’s still open: mason!#3783

Add me on discord! :slight_smile: Tege#6314

Hi, I am a 2D artist, and I’m interested. I sent you a DM on discord, ashaliar #0205.

Here’s my portfolio: [CLOSED] Ashaliar - 2D Artist

I’m Twitter Graphic Artist
Dm’s me if U want to see my insane GFX

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