[CLOSED] Looking for Programmer for 2021 Summer Accelerator [$4250/month]

About Us

Hello! We are currently a small team of developers looking for a Programmer* to join our 2021 Summer Accelerator team (18+ ONLY) developing a third person deathmatch shooter with a ‘Transform’ mechanic similar to games within the “Transformers” franchise. The game uses original IP and characters and only utilizes the transformation concept.

The Team (as of writing this, subject to change)
@AshCr4ft - Project Lead, 3D Artist [Portfolio]
@morscore - Concept Artist
@M0XTz - 3D Artist [Portfolio]
@prepsure - Lead Programmer

About The Job

We are looking for an advanced programmer that is willing to join our Accelerator team (for more details about the Accelerator program, please refer to here.

Looking for someone who is capable of doing the following:

  • Simple Vehicle Controller (for the transform mechanic)
  • Custom Character Controller
  • Gun System that works Dynamically with the Character Controller
  • Physics, Server-Sided Paradigms, and Game Design (UI design is nice to have as well)

For reference, I made a rough demo of the game you can access here:

(I’m not much of a programmer myself so this is incredibly rough but gets the point across)


Contact Us

Please contact me on Discord: AshCraft#9572 or Twitter DMs
Remember, the Accelerator Program is available for developers 18+ only.

Thank you for reading! :slight_smile:


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