(CLOSED) Professional 3D Modeler/Mesh Maker For Hire

About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a 3D Modeler. I specialize in mesh creation. I have been 3D Modeling for 7 years and I’ve been playing Roblox since 2009. I am open for commissions, and I try to get my work out as quickly as possible.


I charge for my work per-asset, at a rate of $5 USD for small props, $10-$15 for medium props, and $25-$50 for large props.
My preferred payment method is Paypal, but I will take Robux equal to the devex amount of USD (group payout)
I will NOT take percentage pay unless I SPECIFICALLY ask for it


Send me a message via Discord at Ezmoreth#9570


My schedule is flexible, and I am available for work mostly during weekends. You can contact me any time on discord.

Q: What Can You Model?

A: I can model pretty much anything. View pictures below.


Humvee Testing (FTT) - Roblox


Gun Showcase (FTT) - Roblox


Low-Poly Modeling

Theme Park Stuff


Player Accessories

Helmet Crap

Helmet Heavy


Various Objects

Props/Map Making Showcase (FTT) - Roblox

Character Rigs

Other Tools

If price is a concern message me on discord for an estimate.

Disclaimer because I apparently need one: I have the right to deny any commission for any reason.


I sent you a friend request on Discord the name is BK


I can vouch for this guy, he completed all assets needed much faster than the agreed deadline. Great choice if you want quality work.

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Big vouch, just got some really cool stuff done by him. Very professional and friendly, great choice if you need any work done.


Are you able of creating hairs for an anime game?

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I can definitely try :slight_smile:

Add me on discord and we can talk about it.

Added in discord, hope we can work it out!

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I just sent you a friend request on discord; my icon is a cat. I would like to get an estimate on a particular job.

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Super detailed work, I love your Lambo. Great job, keep it up!

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I can strongly vouch for Ez’s cooperation, work ethic, and work quality. Great guy!

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Hello Ezmoreth, I sent you a friend request on discord. My username is Kodiak9000#6281. I want to discuss about hiring you for a fully rigged 3d mesh model. Thanks!

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Hello, I’m interested in your modelling skills. I need a modeler for my smoothie parlor. Currently I need smoothie machines, actual smoothies, and cups. I have 2K as a starting offer but prices can be negotiated.

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Hello There!
I am looking for a Modeler for a Museum,To Make some models about the past of roblox games, to be small, and real life people or Objects that people used in the past, Could you do that things?

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Sent you a friend request on Discord, would love to hire you for a quick job!

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No way! These look insane! Sadly, I only have 6 Robux at the moment meaning I probably can’t afford to hire you :frowning:

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Huge vouch! Hired him to make me a ride vehicle for a ride I’m making. He did a great job with the details and made it easy to animate. I’d definitely order from him again.

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Hello there my discord name is RedBubba41477 if you can accept my friend request on discord. I am really interested in your vehicles and tool’s 3d modeling. Idk if you are available or not but i’m wondering what your prices on Vehicles and Fire trucks might be. Again my name is RedBubba41477 on Discord.