[CLOSED] xM_ani - Low Poly Builder

About Me

Hey there! I’m xM_ani. I am a builder, 3D modeler, and environmental artist from Sweden. I’ve been on ROBLOX since 2013 and I have been developing since around 2018. I have worked for a couple of notable games including Eating Simulator.


Hyper Hoverboards Main Map

Tropical Clickers Map

Simulator Maps


Low Poly Cars


Availability highly depends on my workload both in terms of development and school. I’m currently open for work.

I may be interested in long-term/team proposals, DM me for more information.


I accept both Robux and USD, however, I prefer Robux. I accept Robux via group funds or eg. t-shirt/gamepass. When paying with t-shirt/gamepass the client has to cover the 30% fee. For real-life money, I only accept PayPal.

My prices typically start at 200k Robux. The price depends on the size of the commission and most of the work displayed in my portfolio was sold in the 200k - 400k range. I use DevEx rates for my USD prices. Clients are required to make a 50% downpayment.

Non-Accepted Payment Methods:

  • Vouchers/gift cards
  • Percentages, unless I agree to it

Revisions Policy

  • I’ll update you on the product frequently with screenshots.
  • Revisions should be requested as early as possible, don’t hesitate.
  • I don’t have a particular price for when it comes to revisions, I’ll happily change things that you are not happy with or add new things, but I would prefer to keep it under 5 revisions.


  • Discord: xM_ani#0001
  • Twitter: Mani_RBLX

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Omg this look so amazing those trees water bridges and buildings look very good


I’m interested sent friend request on discord

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I don’t think your prices are crazy justifiable. Your a good builder but 22k for a homestore??? thats insanely high. I understand that its your time being used up but come on–

Other than that, your builds look great! :slight_smile:


Its reasonable, If it took 15 hr than that’s like 5 dollars an hours. That’s less than half of minimum wage…


You have a point.
I understand that.

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This looks great! Very nice builds.


Looking really nice, Keep up what you are doing.


I have updated information regarding my services to make it more clear and I have also updated & added several new examples of my work!

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I’ve known him for a while. So, I can surely say that he is trustworthy and a great builder, I’d highly recommend hiring him.

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I have reopened my commissions!

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Im a personal friend of mani’s and he is a great developer who puts time and effort into your builds, I would 100% recommend him to anyone looking for a good builder!


I am interested, I will send you my portfolio in dm, my discord is = Nicolas DEV # 4794

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Won’t let me send you the request

I just sent a friend request on discoord, my user is rosscko

It doesn’t seem like I received it.

Raised prices for my services as well as updated my showcase with my newest work!

Absolutely amazing low poly builder! I hired him for a Medium sized map & 10 Islands, the request was completed within a couple days and to amazing standards. Price is suitable & Quality is even better!

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Absolutely amazing work. Please contact me on Discord I am interested in purchasing you for my Development team. I have a budget of 200 USD for a builder and you are 100% the guy I would like to commission or recruit onto my team. DM me.


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Added you back. :slight_smile: