[OPEN][USD] Builder needed $250+

Hi, I am Plethoa, I would be perfect for this position, as I am very experienced with cartoony islands. I am proficient in Blender and can make anything you ask. My Roblox studio knowledge is excellent and I am able to make anything you need. If you like my work, and would like more info about me please contact me on the devforum or on discord at Plethoa#9971. Thanks!

I am interested, I remade over 2 maps before, Eric_Homemade#0001

I am interested, add me on discord. ronald_YT#4379

I am interested, contact me at discord Debugged#1067

Add me on discord CozyBlanket#5129

Looking to get back into building

Well if u dont know me i am ItsJaku a notable builder. Worked on Epic minigames, Speed Race, and other games. Contact ItsJaku#8933

Hi! I’m interested. I do detailed work. Here’s my portfolio: [CLOSED] Maenaryz building portfolio | commissions My @ is nova;#8781

Hey, I’m interested. Discord: exdee#9333

Hello, I am interested.


Here’s my portfolio -

I’m interested in the project, here’s my portfolio:

I know it’s not much but I work really cheap.

I am highly interested. I am currently under emergency commissions. Zaternos#0075

Hey, I highly wanna be involved in this project! My discord is ethan.#0001
I’ll send my portfolio through Discord! Thanks!

I’m interested in the position. My discord tag is Laemmle#8800. Here is my portfolio.

I am interested in the vacancy Nimble#2987

Hello, I’m interested in the job offer. You can see my portfolio here: MechanicalCore | Builder

My discord is SnowyBall#2114

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Hey! I’m pretty satisfied so I am interested.
My Discord is Chris.#4355

Hey. im interested in the job. my discord is SUPER HOT Sylveon#4486

I am interested, here is my portfolio: [CLOSED] xM_ani - Low Poly Builder


Hey im interested, my discord is MintyCreator#6864

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