[Closed/Solved] Need Some Help With Gamepass Pictures

Yes I agree. The first one may be #platform-feedback because the images are loading low quality.

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Alright true but there was no specific channels on gamepasses and stuff, so I was curious.

I’d suggest using the post-aproval process to get the first paragraph in #platform-feedback. For paragraph two make a new topic in #public-collaboration:public-recruitment.

Edit:. If the first paragraph isn’t a suggestion to Roblox then the first paragraph is in the right category.

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To add onto him, to get to #platform-feedback do the post approval process,.

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How will I get the post approval.

Make a builiten board topic, dm a LTC to move it to your desired topic. Let me find the post.

EDIT: look here!

Oh well this is the right place I’m requesting help not suggesting roblox to make it a little more higher resolution because I see other games having high resolution gamepass pictures I even use roblox template like they do but achieve a somewhat pixelated picture than they do.

Can we see your picture, may be something with that.

It’s alright read the reply on top. Also by the way is there any programs that can take a picture with exact resolution. Like for example I have to use snipping tool when trying to get the picture I want is there a program that gets the picture at a resolution I want, sorry I’m not being clear but like make the picture a car but high resolution.

Also, you can use my guide for Creating the perfect topic and knowing the right category. Hope this helps :pray:


What do you use now? Also, read my reply about sending a picture here.

image image image
Ok, so the picture that says slicktop is mine and the rest compared to mine looks nicer, my picture looks sloppy.

All the pictures you took are low quality you said when you upload it becomes low quality, it isn’t ROBLOX’s fault, it’s yours.

Well roblox wouldn’t let me upload them at a higher quality, also if you look at my car the top one I had to take a picture at a far distance than crop it down so the car is up close. But the pictures below look a lot better than mine. Also I use snipping tool than zoom the picture in until it fits with roblox template.

What program do you use to take the pictures? What do you mean ROBLOX won’t let you upload at a higher quality? They let you upload any quality.

What I’m trying to say is it looks like I just threw on a car onto that picture but the pictures below are like taken inside of the game. (Yes I took my picture inside the game too but like it looks like I just threw a image of a car on there)

That made no sense…

The whole picture is very low quality

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What type of file is your image? What is the size of the image (in pixels). Usually .jpg or .png is high quality.

To add in, you still haven’t answered what program you use.

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Roblox wouldn’t let me upload it at 4k though.