Code Assist Full Release: AI-powered Code Completion

Hi Creators!

Today, we are excited to announce the full release of Code Assist.

Thank you for your feedback and invaluable contributions throughout our Code Assist Beta, which have helped us improve Code Assist and prepare it for full release. Since beta launch, creators have adopted about 300 million characters of code suggested by Code Assist.

We’re committed to helping you improve your scripting productivity. In addition to Code Assist, we’ve launched beta features like Assistant with script insertion and code explanation, designed to help you script faster.

Empowered by community script data

We’re thrilled to announce that Code Assist is now powered by our in-house AI model. This model has been fine-tuned using the scripts you shared through our data sharing program, which you can still contribute to here. Thank you to all creators so far who have shared their data! Remember, this is just the beginning. Your contribution is crucial in creating a robust, community-driven tool that raises the bar for everyone’s coding experience.

Respecting your workflow

Your workflow and preferences are paramount, and we’ve ensured you have more flexibility and better user experience:

  • Code Assist is fully compatible with all Roblox native scripting workflow, whether you are in Team Create or not, doing Live Scripting, or using Drafts.

  • Code Assist is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, offering assistance only when it has a high level of “confidence” in accurately predicting your next coding steps.

  • If you need to adjust Code Assist’s presence, you can easily modify Studio Settings to disable auto-suggestions or turn off Code Assist entirely.

What’s Ahead

We are working on continuing to improve code quality. Moving forward, we’re enhancing the model with more Roblox scripts, ensuring it understands Roblox scripting deeper over time. We’re also exploring ways to integrate Code Assist with Roblox Assistant, aiming to create a seamless AI-powered coding experience.


What data does Roblox use for AI model training purposes?

  • We use a small subset of free Creator Store items and the scripts creators share via our data sharing program. The subset has passed various checks for quality, privacy, and safety filters.

As a non-scripter or new scripter, can I rely on Code Assist to create code for my experiences?

  • Code Assist is primarily designed to assist proficient Roblox scripters in writing code more efficiently. Due to the limitations of the model and the size of our training data set, it still requires scripters to review and modify the code suggestions.

  • For novice scripters, you are encouraged to use Code Assist. We recommend starting with small projects such as “make the player jump when they touch the part.” You can also use it to help you learn more about programming concepts and syntax, in conjunction with Assistant. For example, you can select the script generated by Code Assist and ask Assistant to “explain it.” Over time, we will expand the capabilities and create a seamless AI-powered coding experience.

Happy Coding!
Studio Scripting Team


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Thank you to the entire team for their hard work and dedication.
I’m looking forward to using Code Assist to enhance my scripting productivity even further!


This is such an awesome feature, can’t wait to play around with it more. Big thanks to those involved with helping to test it in beta and those who ultimately created it. Really useful feature, especially for beginning scripters.


I’ve never really used the AI code completion tool in the script editor. Mainly cause its kind of slow and often unreliable. I find the one in Visual Studio to be far far superior. I am interested to see how this AI will evolve over time though.


this looks awesome, hope the code explainer can help me understand the spaghetti code i wrote 2 years ago and never touched since


2nd W Update of the day! Thanks Roblox, great work from the team.


While this definitely is cool, I would appreciate if the repetitive prompt to enable the feature at the top of script windows was removed, its obtrusive and shouldn’t return after the developer has closed it once.


I never really used Code AI because of the amount of misinformation it spews time to time.

But if we were to compare something like AI video, it’s improved. Remember that Will Smith eating spaghetti video last year? And now theres Sora… which is impressive.

I can’t wait to see the future of this AI model, might use it in the future…


Will there be a way to locally train the AI on our own game’s frameworks to produce results that works with our own code?


This is really cool!

but I kinda have a love - hate relationship with AI code assist because I’ve spent multiple years learning the LuaU programming language, and if this AI gets advanced enough my profession with COMPLETELY obsolete,

otherwise this is a very cool tool for beginners and my favorite feature is the Explain This Code feature, when any code you have selected you can have the AI Assistant explain any code for you, with links to the Roblox Documentation.

For people who jsut begun this a very cool and inviting tool to the Roblox Development Community.

Overall 10/10 tool

Good job Roblox, and thanks for being my childhood!



Can we know more about safety filters?


It would be awesome if Roblox would open source this model!


not really, it may be used for teaching :shallow_pan_of_food:


I assure you just like with art and other fields of creation, AI will never replace humans for quality creative work. However it will and has increased the ease of fraud and low effort content and assets.


It’s open source already, they’re a step ahead!


This is the dataset they used to train the AI model, not the model itself.


Hold on why are people praising AI code and not AI images? :neutral_face:


It’ll always be. Roblox simply can’t invest the resources that Copilot has and Roblox’s has no subscription. Copilot will only become better as time flows and probably remain as one of the best AI code completion assistants in the foreseeable future.


One step closer to perfection, As much as I like the idea, still feel there’s a long, long way to go to get it smooth.

(Maybe let us fine tune our own AI so it understands our own personal coding patterns and is more tailored for individuals)