Collaborative Editing updates

Update: Commit button on Drafts widget is now live. Screenshot below.

Hello Developers!

We turned on Collaborative Editing as the default in Team Create earlier this month. Based on your feedback in the linked post, we made a couple of adjustments that are worth noting.

With this week’s build:

Also based on your feedback, we added a commit button the Drafts widget.

Keep the feedback coming!

Note: Collaborative Editing remains an option and you can turn it off. See post for instructions.


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Thank you for adding the list of uncommitted changes to the warning dialogue, but I do think this change is still missing something it should have…

Will it be possible in the future to allow us to commit directly from this dialog so that we do not have to cancel, go to Draft menu, commit, and then re-publish? I think this change would make the publishing workflow with Collaborative Editing enabled even better.

I am aware that this should go in feature requests so I will likely make a post there also, but it is worth mentioning here too.


I think this is a good update because you can commit multiple scripts easily.

Really appreciate the clarifying changes! I’m still keeping an eye on Post Approval + etc. for other sources of confusion but this addresses the most prominent ones from the last month+.


great! :+1: but can anybody commit the script?

I would reference this post for clarification on how the Collaborative Editing update works:

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Good point, will add a reference to that as well.


Nice update.

More along this vein, could we get the popup when you try to publish or save an object that is uncommitted or has uncommitted descendants?

When working on a plugin in TC, I constantly forgot to commit before saving it as local plugin.

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Does this mean we can commit multiple drafts at once? Or is this coming in a later build?

Same with copying & duplicating. (Or basically any action on an uncommitted object where what is intuitively expected to happen doesn’t necessarily happen.) I don’t tend to copy uncommitted scripts often, but I do sometimes, usually for backup reasons or quick-starting another script, and a popup like this would be a helpful reminder. If you think that copying uncommitted scripts is bad practice, a popup would encourage developers to not do that as well.


A commit button in the Drafts widget is a really nice addition to this.

Is there a thought of adding a commit option when you right click a script name in the top bar?

We added one! It will not be available until next week.

Yes, “Apply Edits” will be changed to “Commit Draft”


I phrased it wrong, I should have said, “Is a nice addition” and not “will be”

Let me give my full and honest opinion:

I dislike this Collaborative Editing feature because its just one more thing I have to remember to do whenever I want to publish my game. I really disagree with it being the default because the feature isn’t necessary when you are the only programmer on a project, because your going to be the only one that is editing scripts. I think that this applies to most projects, because projects starting out don’t always have a lot of capital to hire multiple programmers.

I think this should only be an opt-in feature, because I feel its a real obstacle having to turn the feature off every time you want to work on a new game, and then restart studio.

I’m not one who doesn’t like change, but this throws an obstacle into my workflow, and at some points makes me quite annoyed with the feature. I appreciate all that you guys do, and can’t want for the upcoming changes to the script editor, but I cannot see myself using this feature in the future.

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IAmPinleon, we added ability to commit multiple drafts (aka batch commit) in Feb. See Batch Commits for Collaborative Editing are now available!

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@EmeraldSlash - we will add this to our list. If copying a draft used the new source and created a new draft with it, seems like that would address your need?

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Thanks for the feedback, @SimplifiedCode. It’s understandable there will be cases where a commit workflow is not applicable to everyone e.g. single programmer as you mentioned. The other post had examples of teams who have existing workflow e.g. where they divvy up scripts per person etc.

I mentioned on the other post, but will note here as well that we are considering adding a Studio preference for ‘commit on close’ - so this will be your preference that you set once. Hope that will help address your concern? I don’t have a timeline for this yet, but will definitely announce on the forum when this is available.


Ah, @joritochip, yes we tried to provide a commit button in the publish warning dialog but that was a larger change. We are hoping to add that at a later point.

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