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Color Tweaker is a free plugin that eases your workflow and allows you to easily change any instance’s colours.
This is not limited to baseparts. You are able to hue shift lighting and GUI instances as well.

This plugin allows for easy changing, making it so that you can choose to select a certain color, or simply change everything at once.

In order to get emissive decals or SpecialMeshes, you are able to tick the Ignore Value Clamping option, allowing the Color values to go above 255. Once this value is ticked, you are able to type in numbers greater than the 255 into the sliders as well.
Note that ColorSequence values are unable to go above this limit due to Roblox limitations.
* This can net unexpected results with baseparts as Roblox’s clamping doesn’t work with them. I might patch this out if needed, but you can always turn off this option.


A small demo.

In order to start hue shifting an instance, in the plugin bar there will be two options.
One for hue shifting your selection (more useful for GUI), and one for hue shifting your selection plus descendants.

I hope you enjoy the plugin, and please let me know if there are any bugs below in the replies.


Sorry, is there another topic I can source this to? (And if so, how would I do that?)

Yes, #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback would be a good place for this. Click the Edit button and change the topic category.



Look at incommand and 99% of top plugins on this
incommand costs money yet its there

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no? incommand is in cool creations

Really? must have remembered it really wrong

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I switched this back to Community Resources as I set the price back to free.
I updated a few icons, so you can distinguish between shifting descendants and shifting the selection.

Thank you.

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Refresh Update!


  • Added an HSL Color Space to work in union with the HSV Color Space! It’s a more intuitive shifter for artists.
  • Completely remade the UI using a new library I made a while ago.
  • Colors with NaN values now no longer break the Color Tweaker.
  • Uses new ChangeHistoryService functions.
  • Added a reset button in the adjustments tab.
  • New icon inspired from Vanilla V3.

Any suggestions? Feel free to ask me!


This looks awesome and I definitely see a lot of use for it, thank you!

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