Community Editing Bulletin (@colbert2677)

Hello, welcome to my post approval notices thread. If you’re here, you’re most likely looking for information about your requests.

For a while, I’ve devoted a section of my profile towards my involvement in post approval which I called post approval bulletin. I am now moving that into a thread, which you are currently viewing.

The purpose of creating a thread as opposed to using my profile for this is many. Namely, this allows me to dedicate a thread towards posting notices that can be viewed at any time rather than being overwritten by other notices. My profile summary can also remain about me rather than about post approval.

Please keep in mind that I am not representative of the post approval team. All notices here are simply in regards to my own involvement in post approval. This can be relay of information, what you can expect if I am handling your post or just post approval activities in general.

There is no specific order to these notices. Think of it like a feed of some kind. I will do my best to ensure only relevant notices exist on this thread and anything out of date is updated or removed.

Thanks for visiting. Good luck with your requests and your journey to becoming a full member!


:pushpin: Pinned Notices


:clock1: Information about request review times

Remember that Community Post Approval is run by volunteer members of the DevForum as selected according to the promotion criteria. Your requests can take anywhere from a few minutes to days to be reviewed. Please refrain from creating messages or bump posts in current requests about having your request read. We will get to it when we can.

Our official statement(s) regarding request review times are available under Rule 15.1.


:file_folder: Reminder about category guidelines

Please, please remember to read category guidelines (or even just the category summary) before posting a thread there! Category guidelines will often help you determine whether or not your post is a good fit for the category or if you should try looking elsewhere. It always helpful to know where you’re posting to and the purpose of the category before submitting requests.


:top: Regarding bumping post approval requests

The way message inboxes work here on the forum is that newer messages are displayed first in descending order down to the oldest message sent. To ensure that we get older requests reviewed and approved (ones that have waited some time), we will often work from the bottom of the inbox upwards. When you bump a request asking for it to be reviewed, it essentially gets pushed to the end of the queue. Please remember not to bump requests so we can try to get to your request sooner!


:pencil2: Update in regards to “Community Editor”

Recently, TL3 was updated. This was formerly Community Post Approval, but it has now been migrated to Community Editors and is a separate program to Post Approval. The program is still effectively the same, but without the actual approving bit.

Over time - hopefully between July and August - I will be doing some housekeeping on this thread to fit the new Community Editor role. Rather than notices about post approval, I’ll be leaving messages related to editing here - small notices, frequent edits I might make and hopefully just posts that can quickly answer your questions if you’re wondering why I edited your titles.

Please keep in mind: we will not be editing your titles simply because we don’t agree with them. Edits are mainly for SEO purposes, forum cleanliness and correct category usage. Any further questions can be directed to us or Community Sages. :slight_smile:


:pencil2: Title edits containing tags

There are a few developers who have been curious as to why I’ve been removing tags from titles (SOLVED, FREE, FEEDBACK, SHOWCASE, OPEN, etc). These tags are clutter text in the title. It would be more preferable if you used your title only to summarise the contents of your thread. The category you’re posting in, a solution-marked post or the thread content can convey these well enough.

I do not edit tags out of the Collaboration category unless they are extremely distracting. I have the category muted for one and for two, it’s actually more appropriate to use tags as part of the summary of your offer (status, payment, role, so on) rather than the literal post tag system. The same goes with a few other categories, but the specifics aren’t too important.

Please see this post for more information.


:question: Frequently asked: top hat

A frequent question I’ve been getting is how I received the cyan-banded white top hat (Approved Top Hat) as well as the Approved Pin, presumably because of the Community Editor role and/or badge I have which is also featured on the pin.

For more information, please check out this tweet:

To reiterate: these were gifted items by Developer Relations to members of the Community Post Approval team for their work. Community Post Approval was disbanded in September and it is unlikely that these items will be given out again in the future.