Completely a newborn to Blender. Where to start?

I’ve tried searching up the most popular requested videos but they are outdated due to Blender changing its interface and looking very different than what the video shows.

For anybody experienced in Blender, is there any specific resources that are highly helpful for a beginner like me?

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I am not experienced in blender however blender guru does update his tutorials when blender updates

There are many topics about this existing question, but I’ll give you some help!

I’m not a good modeler or an “expert” at blender, but I know some posts that can help you out a lot with what you want to learn and create, or maybe learn UGC stuff. :eyes:

  1. Starting with blender soon
  2. I want to get into Modelling on Blender where do I start?
  3. Links to Useful DevForum Posts About Blender
  4. Blender Development Resources

I hope they help you a lot, and good luck out there with making stuff on blender! :derp:


If you get stuck somewhere, & are great places to ask for help. You can find fix/ solutions to really specifics problems you will encounter while using blender.

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