Configure Direct Joins by Place

Hello creators!

We’re excited to announce updates to our recently launched direct joins feature! When we released this first in September 2023, we allowed you to enable your players to directly join their friends wherever they are in your experience. This had the limitation that all places had the same setting across your experience. We are addressing this with today’s announcement:

Enable direct joins by individual place

You are now able to toggle this setting for individual places. This means you can let players directly join your experiences by default, but disable this for some places that may be more sensitive than others (for example, places with level/experience requirements or requiring players to join all at once). We heard feedback from our original announcement that this was a much-requested addition, so we’re very excited to announce that this is now available.

How to use this feature

As before, you have the option to set an experience-wide setting on the “Access” setting page for your experience:

Now, you will also be able to make exceptions for individual places on the “Access” settings page for the individual place:

Once you make an exception for this setting for an individual place, that place will always have this setting and not follow the experience-wide setting unless you clear the exception. Clearing the exception can be done either for just that one place (on the settings page for the place) or for all places in your experience (on the settings page for the experience).

Clearing an exception can be done for one place:

Or for all places in your experience:

Coming soon - players can teleport into your experience from other experiences

We have also heard feedback that you’d like for more ways to directly join non-root places. We previously enabled the direct joins feature for only some join endpoints. This primarily involved joining specific servers, such as when following a friend into their server. We’ve heard feedback that you want us to make this more broadly available, so we’re working on no longer restricting direct joins by join type. This means that when a place has this setting enabled, any valid join into that server will now work, including matchmade joins such as teleports. We’re excited to announce this feature will soon be in the works, and we would love any feedback you have.


We’re hoping this change will help make this feature more useful for you and your experiences. As always, we would welcome any feedback, comments, or suggestions that you have.


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Looks amazing! This could really help for Free UGC expirences, private events, etc. :fire:


WOOOOO. Yeah, this is game changing lol


thank you roblox for expanding useful stuff like this


Thank you! I really appreciate this. I am currently working on a few projects that could use this.
Roblox W


Will the default Roblox private servers ever be supported on sub places?


Excited to see these QoL changes relating to universes. It makes them far more viable nowadays which will result in awesome large scale experiences.

Would allowing sub-places to be considered “independent” games be considered in light of this recent focus on universes? Or perhaps a similar system of being able to access another universe’s DataStores etc. from a universe under the same owner?


Glad to see more and more developer customization options being worked on!


This helps a lot. I have these kinds of restrictions in multiple experiences. The only issue that remains for me right now is that clients are still allowed to use teleport features, so I still unfortunately have to set up systems for servers to issue teleport tickets and block teleports without them.


I have a problem with reserved servers. When a friend tries to join their friend they will just get permission denied. Could you please add a setting so it will instead autofill them into a server so I can handle their join request with “FollowUserId”.


Thank you for this change! I’ve been looking forward to direct joins being per-place since that was addressed in the original post, this will make it easier for players to organize and host events since the actual gameplay takes place in a subplace lol


Amazing, I really need this for my Portfolio because I’d like to keep all of my Demos / Showcases under one game but separate places

although there is a minor issue with create a link for individual sub-places as it is difficult to find

@tareyza I wasn’t able to understand or find any information from the OP, so would users be able to join a sub-place under a game/universe directly from the website?


I thought this setting or similar was announced once already, but now it’s here again, I guess with more options.


This is a very small yet insanely useful feature. Thank you.


I’m developing a teleport system for Roblox Private/VIP servers to allow easy navigation and access for players. However, Roblox’s restrictions on teleporting directly to Private/VIP servers are a significant obstacle. This limitation impacts the player experience and constrains developers. Finding a workaround or a policy change from Roblox would greatly enhance gameplay and creativity on the platform.


The more control we get over who can join who and how we manage players when splitting our experiences into different places the better, these changes are always very welcome!


what about uhhh join detection @tareyza

only thing one can do is set invites, but if a friend joins through “join friend” and they’re in a private server, one can only check if a friend is online and prompt whether to teleport to where the friend is

but some have joins off and etc.

There are only invite options, but those don’t work if they don’t join through the invite button.


It’s really awesome to see this be added, can’t wait to put it to use.


Been using this a lot with my game but it would be really nice if people can join non start places directly without selecting a server.
I published an old version of my game for people to play under the main game to keep the datastores the same, but it would be nice when pressing the play button on a sub-place, it would tp you to that game when the direct join to places are enabled.

Classic version of my game under the main game. But when pressing play it tps you to the main game…