CornerRadius Decreasing on UI Object Select

I don’t know if this is a bug or on my end, but sometimes when selecting a UI object with a UI corner inside, it seems to decrease the CornerRadius and as it gets smaller and smaller, it eventually gets deleted. This has become a very annoying problem for me and I’m wondering if anyone has had or currently has this problem.


I have this problem too and its really annoying sometimes. I think its a bug or so. :confused:

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Could we get a steady repro step of this? You can follow the bug report instruction here:

We will follow up on the bug report and internally track it.


I can’t post a bug report, it does not let me. However, I will post the information through this reply.

You can reproduce it by adding a UICorner to a UI element and then selecting the UI element, and you may see the CornerRadius property of the UICorner object decreasing as you select it. This doesn’t always happen for me, though recently, this has been happening most of the time.

This started happening pretty much after the release of UICorners.

Baseplate - Roblox Studio (

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Never mind, found the issue. Turns out it’s a problem with @ZacBytes’s Edge - UiCorner Rounded GUI. I have disabled the plugin and that seemed to have resolved the issue. I apologize for the waste of your time.