Creator Dashboard to replace the Develop Pages in early 2023

Hey Creators,

This is an astonishingly exciting thing to be writing - after over a year of work, we have very nearly finished migrating all the major workflows from the Develop Pages over to Creator Dashboard.

You will have seen the Creator Dashboard appear more and more as features move over, and new features are added. With the migration nearing completion, Creator Dashboard is now the place to operate on your content - the Develop Pages will sunset in January 2023, once asset uploading and full Developer Product support is also imminently migrated over.

This means that the features you use every day - content operations, analytics, configuration, DevEx, and more, now boast the following improvements:


Creator Dashboard is one of the products within Creator Hub, and is built with the same design as the other products, such as Talent or Documentation. This provides the unified experience as you go between products, and allows us to continue to push visual fidelity across all of Creator Hub as one.


We understand it might be necessary to create and manage content when not at the computer. This is why the Creator Dashboard is usable on mobile devices, allowing you to take action and get insights while on the move.


Diversity is one of the key strengths of the Creator community - as we have Creators from an increasing number of countries, speaking an increasing number of languages, we need to make sure that we are building with them in mind. This is why the Creator Dashboard is fully localized to all Roblox-supported languages.

Building on the Creator Dashboard is also a lot easier for internal teams, meaning that we can continue to invest in you, the community of Creators, at an even higher velocity than before. Finally, we have also made a few improvements to the location of various features, so that workflows critical to you are more efficient than before.

Please let us know what you think!

Creator Resources team


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Will sponsors be supported via those pages? If not… yikes.


Just a quick question, is there anyway to see how many times an asset was sold on the market place with the new dashboard? Mainly with regards to models, t-shirts, and decals.

Also, is there anyway to easily get the full web URL of the above assets? I need to get the entire URL, not just the asset ID for when I share things.


It’s nice to see the slow and clunky Develop page being phased out permanently, though I have a couple of concerns that don’t have a replacement yet, which I rely on.

The first one that came to mind, is we lose gamepass sales for the last 7 days, and the total sales. While the 7 days stat isn’t as important to me personally, we do not have a way to view the sales of a gamepass on-site as far as I know, other than downloading third-party extensions, or using the API, which is tedious and defeats the purpose of being more accessible to developers.

This would be important in other stats as well, as I’d like to view how many sales my model has, and would be nice to see sales support for products as well. Seeing this information is essential, I should know how many sales any of my products has accumulated.


I can’t seem to find an easy way to access my Sponsors page either, which the Develop page had a button for, nor do I know how I’d run ads after this update. Will we be getting a new dedicated page for Ads, or are they still planned to be phased out with this update? Is there any word on this?


Our teams fix issues reported by the community all the time! Make sure to send us your specific feedback. You can use #bug-reports for filing bug reports, please refer to if you are Member/Regular and unsure where to post your report.


When I heard that Roblox intended to separate the development side of Roblox off into its own “domain” from the site like this, I was in full support. I quite like having all the developer resources in one convenient hub while reserving the main site for play – less clutter and amalgamation of the product into one place and more clear dividing line between playing and creating.

The one complaint I have is the lack of a white theme. The new creator pages are completely unusable to me without a white theme. Roblox dark themes are incredibly difficult on my eyes and I refuse to use dark theme when using any Roblox product. I strongly, strongly, would like white theme to be addressed before any full sunsetting of pages begins.


Just a quick small suggestion for the Creator Dashboard, could you guys change the pencil icon to something else, perhaps some sort of hammer and wrench icon? IMHO it’s misleading. When I see a pencil, the first thing I think about is configuring the experience’s details, not firing up Studio and editing it.



Cool new thingy it looks really nice!

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Actually, I’d be in support of having that button edit the game and then another to open studio. Maybe one for the start place too.


We need to have the upload decal/audio button working on the new page though first. It currently redirects to the legacy site. That won’t work in 2023!


I second this. I have asked about this under a few announcements related to the Creator pages and haven’t gotten a single answer. No ETA, or even whether it’s coming at all or not.

While I can live with the Creator Dashboard being in dark mode, forced dark mode in documentation is unacceptable. White text on a black background (dark mode) is significantly less readable, especially if you are used to black text on a white background (light mode). Maybe I could bear this somehow if the dark mode was something closer to Discord’s dark theme, but the contrast within Roblox’s dark theme is simply too big.

And once again, I encourage to read this article: When to Use White Text on a Dark Background


The team is actively investigating light mode as we speak - we read every comment on all the threads, so know it’s something that’s super important to people who prefer a lighter webpage. I can’t give an ETA, but it is an active priority for me personally right now to get light mode across all of Creator Hub!


I’m sorry to have to ask this, but considering Roblox’s history I feel I have to:

Can we get a guarantee that these pages wont be sunsent until all features are ported over?


Rare Roblox W for developers thanks Roblox


I hope creating passes will also be possible in January through the creator dashboard.


This doesn’t make any sense at it’s current state, the creator dashboard literally links back to the old develop page for things like Audio uploading (also, the audio page physically does not work!). The entire dashboard is also not as feature rich as the former dashboard, for example there is no way to get to my game-page from the dashboard which means I have to navigate to my game every time I want to make sure a setting update was applied. On the subject of changing settings, half of the time, changes to settings don’t get applied!!!


I really am excited about this strong push to a newer system!

Some of the systems that we use today on a daily basis have been around for such a long time, and were starting to show their age in not only aesthetics, but performance too.

I really hope that the migration from old to new will bring about more effective and efficient workflows. I’ve tried to use the creator hub where possible, however I’ve often found that settings and tools that I need to use aren’t fully ported over, or are missing from some places. So knowing that in January, everything will be ported over is great to hear!

Keep up the great work!


I’m kinda worried, but change is good!

One thing that comes to mind is I don’t remember this bug being addressed that was reported clear back in February:

The creator dashboard page was giving me the wrong dev product IDs entirely!

I really hope that the creator dashboard has 100% of the same feature-completeness as the old page.


Once reading both of these topics in regards to this new website of the platform, I genuinely thought at first that it would be purely confusing to use with tons of different interfaces and configurations, yet as the years have passed, this seems to be constantly improved and to make easier for creators (a.k.a developers) to upload, advertise, etc. I must say that it is pretty good!

Although, a few things that make me confused is how come the options to configure the place > Thumbnails and Icon appears in a different area of the hub instead of showcasing entirely to the Basic Settings area? It quite creates a bit of a situation where you need to go in and out instead of being established into one place… Another is not only the new change of the Developer Forums’ URL link, and yes how it is going to work underneath Creator Hub as being simple to see new announcements of beta resources (at #updates:announcements) that are available for the Roblox Studio engine/the templates and settings of Developer Forums are going to be all transferred into this website.

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