Creator Store Seller Onboarding Now Open!

i don’t like the idea of removing robux from the plugin marketplace, that should be an alternative method along with USD. or like having a Robux to USD conversion system (like devex but with a minimum limit of 150 robux instead of like 50k but the money goes to a “roblox wallet” instead of actually getting the money yk? then that money that is spent is given to the dev will be added to their wallet.)


I agree with having 2 options to either buy in robux or USD and i hope it becomes a requirement to have both because yk, minors vs parents’ credit card


nah. roblox should not force USD on us. i believe young devs should be able to use plugins without a card.
will this “buy plugin via gift card (possibly Roblox gift card)” thing allow young devs to buy plugins?


Just wondering, will we be able to purchase plugins or models optionally using robux in the future?

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The date is approaching… roblox is silent. Developers who don’t meet Stripe’s conditions (of age) can’t make a profit with their plugin thank you…, RIP robux


Just got this email, and instantly messaged my friend if this is real

It just can’t get around my head, there’s many developers under 18y buying plugins with Robux.
Its easier than asking your parents for permission to buy a plugin on the Creator Store with their card, it seems odd to me.

Me, I am 19y and I still tend to feel uncomforable with the thought of purchasing a plugin by pulling out my credit card. I assume most plugin sales will decrease a lot as well.

I hope this change will be re-thought again. In my opinion both should be accepted Robux & USD, but getting rid of the Robux payment creates an issue and will decrease quality of games


YAYAYAYA I LOVE SPENDING MORE MONEY WHILE NOT GAINING ANY BECAUSE DEVEX IS UNDERPRICED!!! realistic tho this is stupid why do we need to spend more to get nothing in return.


Why force though? Less people would buy plug-ins and that is obviously not good for both sellers and buyers.


what about creators from russia who cant pay to roblox due to sanctions from the payment provider stripe?


I don’t agree with these requirements, there are many young developers out there who would like to profit off their work and this is just preventing them from doing so.

Roblox talks about this being a professional decision.
But they don’t talk about the young developers who often won’t be able to be paid for their plugins because of their underage status.

And on the other side (buyers) young developers who earn little robux with their skills, so newly most of them won’t be able to buy plugins with their earned robux? So a beginning developer who maybe isn’t lucky enough to buy something with real currency won’t be able to develop with useful plugins?

Robux have always been an option for young talented developers who couldn’t pay with real currency, these developers give roblox new original games from which roblox will make money.


basically no robux option according to this message.
thanks for truly “addressing” the issue and not listening to our opinion, I absolutely appreciate it (NOT).


The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Small developers from 2nd and most importantly from 3rd world countries will suffer the most. Big developers from those countries will earn the most. The smallest devs, who live outside the 1st world countries are at a massive disadvantage. For them, the prices will be effectively doubled, tripled or even quadrupled for a single product. Same thing goes for those who are not eligible for devex, even if they earn hundreds of thousands of Robux. I predict that the piracy scene will grow as those changes accumulate. This opens a path for malicious actors to inject viruses into the content they distribute for free. This is especially bad as it puts in danger many innocent children and teenagers who don’t know any better and can’t afford to buy those models.


I’m having a hard time trying to create a seller account. Have waited a few days but the error persists. (unknown error is not a very useful error message)

So now that this update is live will it be possible we can get cross-account plugins? I don’t think its fair to force users to pay for the same plugin multiple times… Also, what will happen if a user gets banned? is their money just gone??

I didn’t even get anything… you’re lucky. It’s probably because I’ve opened the page before though.

Fully agree with your opinions here though.

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While I understand that USD exclusivity is to ensure the higher revenue share is possible, how it impacts the ecosystem needs to be re-evaluated.

Many developers rely on plugins to provide support for features that the Engine itself doesn’t have. By forcing USD, you are thereby cutting off ALL paid plugins to entry level developers who do not have access to a card.

Is the sacrifice of interdependence between developers and plugins worth the revenue share change? Are we sure that this won’t RAISE the barrier of entry for new developers across Roblox, something Roblox has been working on to lower for so long?


I thought the changes were suppose to go live on April 8?
I still see plugins listed in Robux instead of USD.

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This is such an ignorant point. Plugin developers aren’t “rich”, and in fact quite the opposite. If I make a plugin and sell it for 1000 Robux, I am making only $3.50 per sale BEFORE 30% fees, which comes out to $2.45.

If the plugin took me 40 working hours to make and I value my time at $30 per hour, I need $1200 just to break even. With the Robux-based pricing I mentioned above, I would need to make 490 sales.

Now let’s say I price the plugin to $10, which would be similar to the price of buying 1000 Robux. In this case, I only need 120 sales to break even, which is over 75% less sales required.

Plugin developers make next to nothing, and development for good plugins takes real work and takes lots of time. Don’t undervalue the people that upgrade your workflow.

Came back to this post for that reason, not sure what’s up with that. Fingers crossed it comes out today at least :crossed_fingers:


Just checked your account. You live in the USA, the cream of the crop of the 1st world. You’re a developer for huge studios and you yourself have tens of millions of visits. You’re only arguing against this because this is personally hurting you, that you, as a big developer, shouldn’t be able to profit at the expense of the smaller developers. 2.45$ for 2nd world country is an equivalent to 10-20$. In a third world country that goes as high as to hundreds and even thousands of $.

You’re narrow minded and can’t see outside of your box and realise that there are people much more worse than you and to them those 2 bucks and 45 cents could change their lifestyle to lavish for as long as months. To you that sum is negligible, to them it’s everything. You’re not in the position to say that this is not enough, that this is low, that this is laughable. You’re definitely not in the position to complain about it.

You think that those 40 hours of your life are valuable but when you look at the big picture they are not. A lot of developers from 2nd and 3rd world countries are people who have a lot of spare time and are in poor socioeconomic position. They’re teenagers, they’re children, they’re those who seek employment but can’t find one, or can only find one that provides them the bare minimum to survive.

If spending 40 hours of their life - using only their free time and doing what they love would make them 3 bucks, then they would without hesitation do it. I’m not even talking about getting 3 bucks only once. No, those plugins aren’t single product items that only one person can buy. If someone buys your plugin every day, then you will get ~80$ per month. To you, that’s lunch money. To someone in a country like India, it can even be enough to barely survive. So now imagine that this is their passive income on top of their active income. Now imagine that they make more plugins.

Of course, this is great for those that can and do develop those plugins and they are actually useful and people buy them. Not so much great for those who are the consumers in the 2nd and 3rd world markets - for the inverted reasons, like to someone buying something for 3$ would mean that they will not be able to afford their food for a day or even week. Robux is a currency that negated the differences between different socioeconomic levels as anyone with proper skills could easily earn them regardless of where they live or who they are. Without robux, you remove the currency that allows the poorest to still enjoy the platform and do commerce on it as if they were the same as you and lived like you do.

Oh, just checked your first group and your first game has more visits than the amount of visits that your profile states you have. You have over a hundred million visits in this game, and you probably devexed a ton of cash that could have made someone living in 3rd world a member of the upper-class - and that’s just a single game! [FPS] No-Scope Arcade - Roblox