Custom Inventory or Backpack

Custom Inventory System
This system was made by me for my project and I decided to release it to the public since exploiters could steal it anyways as it’s fully on the client, note that I won’t be updating this Model unless there are any bugs or major issues with it.

It supports all Roblox default backpack features such as:

  • ToolTip - It will show the ToolTip string as a description when you hover the tool frame.
  • TextureId - When there’s a TextureId the tool frame will show the image.

Additionally, it also supports a custom quantity feature, if you want it to display a certain quantity just change the tool attribute quantity to its value.
I will not go in-depth with this since this is a system you need to have some scripting knowledge to implement and this is not a Tutorial :wink:

To customize it to your liking you can change the Images and design yourself just make sure to not change any names if you aren’t familiar with scripting

Custom Inventory [MODEL]

Example of the System


Added 4 new methods to the Inventory Handler module and a new option to make the tools drop if you drag them out of the inventory.
To get the new version just go to the link above and download the updated file.

module:lockSlots(unequipCurrentTool: boolean) -- locks the slots so they cant be equipped or unequipped
module:unlockSlots() -- unlocks the slots so they can be equipped and unequipped again
module:lockSlotsPosition() -- locks the slots position so they cant be moved around
module:unlockSlotsPosition() -- unlocks the slots positions so they can be moved again

Please do not ask for any explicit new feature since I wont go too much beyond what the Roblox default one does :crazy_face:


Wow, does this replace the roblox backpack? it seems cool

Plus, it has tool stacking :slight_smile:


It does! All you have to do is put the ScreenGui inside StarterGui and then customize it to your liking.


This is pretty cool, nice!
Really liking the tool stacking.

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It was very easy to implement, this is underated

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I have fixed a few issues with the Custom Inventory therefore if you want the newest version of it you will have to update it.
note that I only changed the local and module script.

looks poggers, i might try it out in the future


Is there a way to disable the GUI? Like there is with the default roblox inventory. I’m trying to make it so that the player can’t equip tools during a certain time.


Yeah it can be done if you disable all the tools the player has, and unequip any equipped tools.

update on this, I added a feature to do just what you asked so read the post UPDATE


This is exactly what I need! Is there a way to disable the inventory though? I just want the hotbar.

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Just wanted to say how cool this was. Appreciate you uploading it as a resource!

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Yeah there is, you can simply delete line 107 of the playerManager script which binds the key to the inventory so it wont open.
however when the hotbar is full it will automatically put the next tools in the Inventory so iam not sure how will you manage that it really depends on what you are trying to do.

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Very sweet, thank you so much for this!

You rock!

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