Developer Roadmap Update: 2021

I’m pretty sure there’s an #updates about this already.


They didn’t give any details on how it would work, so I’m still confused on how it would work.


Smashes keyboard

Remember, it’s ONLY a potential update. Don’t get your hopes too high.


Looks well! I’m particularly excited about Script Version History, as a beginner-level programmer I often run into script updates that break and having to revert the entire update is very tedious.

Parallel Lua too, utilizing multiple CPU cores would benefit a lot of high-end games to improve performance would be a lifesaver.

although i dont know about universe memory store what is that


I know its not on the road map, but any plans to make Surface Appearance for normal parts too? Or is it something that is out of question, I know in that beta test version that was out for a while had it for normal parts, so I’m just wondering. Looking forward to new things in studio.


Honestly hoped that you guys at Roblox would mention the group payout approval process, as well as the locking of group’s ability to fund users.

We weren’t even notified, yet this guy knew about the restriction process days before Bloxy News.

It turned out to be true, and so did the part of Roblox reliability towards the issue.

It can be further discussed on how Roblox cost people’s career on the platform.

DevBuckette couldn’t pay his rent from what Roblox could offer. A cause of this change.

And here’s some more issues.

28 days.

Incoming Adjustment to 'Pending Sales' Waiting Period - #902 by Directq

Advice & 22 days

Incoming Adjustment to 'Pending Sales' Waiting Period - #877 by Directq

Further comment on billing.

Incoming Adjustment to 'Pending Sales' Waiting Period - #896 by MuskyD

The forum these issues are discussed are hinted throughout the forum after the beginning of November 2020.

I really hope you revert the group payout restrictions and approval process. I am 100% sure that Roblox is aware that they cost people severely because of it. That’s why it should be in the road map, because it changed people’s ability to live.


Am I missing something, or is the Parallel Lua marked as beta while only being available in a custom Studio preview release. It was marked as such in the previous roadmap, but not this one.

Open Beta? I still haven’t seen any option in studio to enable it :frowning:


The new built in materials won’t have performance issues, as was said in the original post about the new and redone built ins.

I don’t believe it will at all? It actually seems Roblox has been reducing restrictions caused by not having premium, as was made apparent by:

  • Unifying groups joined limit
  • Allowing non premium players to make groups
  • Unified fees / taxes

I can‘t understand, what is this?

I don‘t know if this would be a good idea or not, but if you think that there are children that don‘t know anything about git, then it may be a good idea

I hope that using the new API, it will allow us to teleport like we saw in the HackWeek (Teleporting without Screen loading + fast teleporting)

So you think that removing benefits that premium had is a good move? By doing so they’ve made premium pretty much useless other than trading, and the occasional catalog discount.

Your response also has no correlation to my original comment regarding roblox monetising user made content.

Is there any information about Data Store Improvements
Our team has a few concerns about key listing and are wondering how it will work.

  • Roblox has been evolving quickly, but there’s still a lot to improve. This is just another terrain-related “rant” but from my discussions with other developers, most people would definitely support such a change. I suggest decreasing the size of terrain voxels in order to make smaller details such as rocks, puddles and many others possible without having to import the resources from a 3d modelling software. Imagine not having to make your rocks in blender anymore, and just making them out of roblox terrain.

  • Another suggestion is making the LoD adjustable, and i put way more emphasis on this. Many times my large scale terrain projects ended up looking disappointing after hours of work, because all the details that i added, all the rocky ledges and the small valleys, all the boulders and little depressions would just end up mashed into a large, featureless mass the further away you got from it.

  • Yet another suggestion is that you should make it possible for developers to apply actual textures over the terrain grass (decoration), as well as edit the density, render distance and size of it.


Although you can already do this using MessagingService, a service just for storing data would be useful.

I think making the voxel resolution larger would be too taxing on performance, but I think it would be possible to automatically and randomly place some decorations on the terrain (like rocks/pebbles), which you could toggle or something. But to be honest this is entirely doable in a plug-in, so take notes, everyone.
Also I endorse the changes in grass. It’s been so long since it came out but we still can’t customize it at all which makes it really annoying.

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Well, current voxels are 4x4 studs right? what i was thinking of was 1x1 studs voxels, that shouldn’t have a too big effect on performance after all.

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Reducing the size of voxels to 1 stud will result in a 4x4x4 = 64x increase in the number of voxels.


That wouldn’t be practical in the slightest for large maps, but would be amazing for showcases and smaller scenes.