Incoming Adjustment to 'Pending Sales' Waiting Period

Sorry to be rude but are you saying it would take a group of developers about 1 week to recieve thier robux and then another week to distribute it amongst themselves and another week to DevEx it? Like this most developers will be ruined. Are you saying you support this act of roblox to make the life of developers on roblox more harder and also this attempt by roblox to chase away Developers from them?


Well, anyways what can we do? We are already using their services for free. So it is their rules we have to follow and we have no choice and just accept it. Unless you are going to pay and run servers and datastores by yourself independently off Roblox, we just have to follow whatever rules they implement. We can leave but I do not think that most of us have better options after leaving Roblox. We are in their territory, we have to follow their rules.

And that is a huge problem

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Can you please revert this update? This is outrageous, I have 10,000 robux pending, and now I have to wait a week to get it.


This is outrageous, I just got information, that you guys are also planning on adding a functionality, where a moderator must determine if a group is edible for group payouts, otherwise you guys are going to disable payouts for that certain group. This is crazy, there is a API for it and everything, this is becoming ridiculous, this better not be true.


Its not official until Roblox or a staff member announces it (and even then they may go back on their word), don’t believe anything from a non-staff member even if they have proof.

It’s on the roblox API website, if you haven’t checked already, I apologize, I had no Idea the API website, managed by roblox isn’t reliable nor moderated by real roblox administrators.

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Same here, we haven’t been able to pay our devs because of this.


I think this update was a bad idea - I think that ROBLOX could take other measures to catch fraudsters - other than restricting developer revenue.


Oh my gosh. I know a lot of about the Roblox API backends, and for those who don’t know what they are, its how users/roblox can request information from its servers, and apply new values too.


@DxubleG, @Toad_II, thank you for bringing this up.

What you two basically say is that Roblox is putting restrictions on group payments, and that is accurate.

Breaking down the API documentation.

  "canUseRecurringPayout": true,
  "canUseOneTimePayout": true

When users request to use the group payout feature, it will either be accepted or denied by Roblox. Inline with what you two said, moderators seemingly are already denying payments.

This is terrible!


I just realized there’s no authorization ticket.

Thousands of developers could’ve not been paid due to there being no api that allows Robux to go through pending sales restrictions.

My mouth is quivering, so many people might not be able to pay the bills this month.


I’m doing commissions once a while and I don’t want to wait a whole week to pay someone. What if I’m scammed, basically?

Commissioner: Ok, send me the file. Payout will be ready in 7 days.
User: Alright, there.
[7 days pass]
User: Hi, where’s the payment? Wasn’t it supposed to be there in 7 days?

I also consider paying artists, I don’t want them to wait THIS long…

Also not to mention workers can reject the payment for no reason.
Hooray! I gotta spend another 7 days sending 10k to some cool artist!

This is going to hinder so many independent devs.
And I’m honestly considering stopping with commissions at this point.


I think you’ve been misinformed. Logical analysis does not have say over whats been done, and what’s happening. I don’t know where, but individuals who pay the bills with roblox exist, I’ve seen them talking on the DevForums, and people I know elsewhere.

If they’re straight up paying bills with Roblox then I’m sorry but their life will go down hill because of that eventually.

They’re old enough to pay bills, they should be able to get a job.

There’s many devs that had a stable income with Roblox, so you can see there’s going to be a drastic change…


I absolutely love this update roblox!! Thank you very much! I had a small group with some hopes and now it’s half dead. Again, amazing update, it’s helping me ALOT!!


Its not announced though? I can add parts of code to support new features but never go through with it. In the end it doesn’t matter unless its actually confirmed.

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Terrible, now even the thought of outsourcing development to contractors is half-destroyed.


I’m legitimately thinking of moving my development operations off of Roblox because of these two issues. I’m very, very disappointed and not happy.

There are better ways to deal with fraud then to screw over you’re entire source of income.

I understand the need to prevent fraud here but this is not the way to do it.


In this reply, I included information on the API which exists for it.

I’d like to add that I also have some sources from twitter.


I feel bad for the users I have to pay, for example, today I commissioned @Slenics and I have to wait up to 7 days just to pay them.