Developer Roadmap Update: 2021

Roadmap just recently got updated, sucks that memory store got delayed once again all the way to Q3. Authenticator in Q2 is REALLY good though.

New roadmap update, can be found here.

Features Changed:

  • Automatic Translation for Games - now Rolling Out
  • Script Version History - now Rolling Out
  • Custom Materials (Open Beta) - now launching Q2
  • Heightmaps v2 (Open Beta) - now launching Q2
  • Parallel Lua (Open Beta) - now launching Q2
  • Updated Build-in Materials (Open Beta) - now launching Q2
  • Datastore Improvements - now in Closed Beta, and launching Q3
  • Dev analytics standard dashboard - now in Closed Beta, and launching Q4
  • Find (All) / Replace (All) - now in Open Beta, and launching Q2
  • Increased Game Join Security - now Live
  • Custom Pivot Points - now in Private Beta
  • Memory Store - now launching Q3
  • Allow Renaming of Groups - now launching Q3
  • Open Cloud - now launching Q3

Features Added:

  • 2FA with Authenticator App - launching Q2

Features Removed:

  • No features removed

finally, we needed this so so long ago.


Hoping that “Outlines for Parts/Models” doesn’t get removed :pray:

Wait… There are some of the most exciting things in the roadmap now!

I have a quick question. What is Authenticator app?

Yes! This is something we really need. The improved autofill will be really nice.



This will be a game changer! Get it! This is honestly some of the most exciting stuff on the roadmap.


  1. What does investigating mean?
  2. For closed betas, is it for Roblox Staff only, or is there a way DevForum members can apply.

I have a question. In this post New Terrain, and Parts, and Built-In Materials, Oh my! @RBLXImagineer said

Will this be released with the new terrain materials?


Are we still getting a May update? Been curious to see an update on the roadmap. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not another 2FA app :frowning:
Please, PLEASE use either the Google Authenticator app, the built in security services that iPhones/Androids offer, or SMS.
I have two or three Authenticator apps for School and for things like uPlay. They are all annoying, The Steam Auth app is second least annoying, and the LEAST annoying is plain ole’ SMS.
OFC, not everyone has an SMS which is why other options like email are nice, and kids can just use their parent’s phones if they need to (most kids have phones now, right?)

New roadmap update, can be found here .


  • 2FA with Authenticator App - now Private Beta
  • Documentation Site - now under Investigation
  • Script Editor Plugins - now under Investigation

SMS is exploitable and vulnerable to SIM swapping

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Who says it’s “another” app? TOTP (what Google Authenticator implements) is a standard, also not one made by Google btw. Google Authenticator just happens to be the most popular TOTP app.


In regards to outlines I would suggest:

  • custom width
  • custom colour
  • custom transparency
  • ability to add UI elements to the outline (similar to UIStroke, so we can create gradients and fades etc)
  • z-index
  • different stroke corner choices (millet/bevel/rounded etc)
  • toggle ability in scripts (so we can use as highlights when mouse rollovers)
  • ability to fill inside the outline with a colour/transparency/UI Elements

If this go through and becomes a private beta, I wonder if I could get in. This looks REALLY interesting

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Rather disappointing to see that MaterialsService has been completely dropped, and that there are no plans to extend SurfaceAppearance to have tiling or be usable on BaseParts and UnionOperations.

Also interesting to note that the previous roadmaps have been completely removed and the only way of viewing them is via archived webpages, almost like Roblox doesn’t want you to see what features have been silently dropped… :confused:


Don’t start conspiracy theories, please.

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I think a minor degree of speculation is reasonable when they suddenly vanished from the site without a trace, warning, or announcement.


Probably because they have no reason to keep it in the first place.

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Where did the section that said what quarter of what year these might get released go? Detroit?

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I among many wish for more transparency between the company and us as developers, but planned features carry no guarantees. We can’t outright point fingers at Roblox just for changing their minds and not telling us, or why.

Speculate if you’d like, but they’re not trying to keep secrets. They just decided to cease pursuing it.

It may very well come back as another planned feature in the future - like MessagingService once was, I believe.


The main point I was getting at was that it seemed very much like they were trying to silently brush said features under the rug, by hiding previous roadmaps and failing to acknowledge that they existed. :confused: