Differentiate sales from in-game vs. website for gamepasses

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to find out where players are purchasing my gamepasses, either in-game or from the store tab on the game’s detail page.

There was a bug reported a few months ago that actually unintentionally allowed for this to happen.

I commented

Scripton was correct in assuming that it produced a different result when bought in-game, and I took full advantage of it at the time. However, now every sale is “at place (place name)” so there is no way to differentiate where the purchase originated from.

I pasted a lot of recent sales into a spreadsheet

Then using these sumifs I was able to find out what % of gamepasses are bought in-game vs from website.


Edit: Robux revenue from in-game vs website purchases, not volume of sales

If Roblox is able to address this issue, inferences can be made and supported by evidence, improving the development cycle.
I was able to confirm that after adding a popup GUI to either rent or buy the gamepass when the player tried to enter a restricted area, that the gamepass “Crew” Went from about 50% bought in game to about 75% bought in game. Developers can make really good inferences from such simple things given to us from the website.

I don’t think we need to go back to the time that caused the reporting of the bug report to occur, but instead, it should be put into a sales mix section of the developer stats, automatically generated by Roblox.

This feature request is to add a section to another feature request (sales mix) that displays the difference in sales from in-game vs on games detail page store tab.