Dogu15, a mesh deform R15 Rig [Updated!]

I basically posed character in MoonAnimator and copied the model.
It preserves Motor6D, I believe.

Simple, but does the work.


The Torso + Limb texture in UV map serves as reference.

When you export a R15 texture, each part is divided into a texture segment.
Those textures are textured segments of a character.


Added this to my game! Works pretty well!

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Amazing… I am scared of performance though…

Tri-count shouldn’t be a problem. There’s R15 packages with lots of triangles. What I did shouldn’t cause too many problems with performance.

It’s still worth remembering that part amount can affect performance. But that’s R15 for you.

I understand that when you export an R15 model to blender you get some UV textures, but they’re not aligned/Positioned correctly like the UV Map reference u provided. But when you said that they’re divided into texture segments I went into photoshop and cropped out one segment and got it to look similar to the UV maps u provided by resizing it to fit the whole screen: However, I still don’t get how u managed to figure out that all you had to do was cut out part of the full texture and resize it to fit the whole UV mapping screen. What was ur thought process?

I just imported the image to Blender. No need to rescale the reference!

What exactly do you need to know?

there was supposed to be a bug report but i just realised its a roblox bug

I tested the rig with IK. It seems to work nicely.

Would this be easier for modelers to make 3d armor/outfits with this vs an R15 rig?

Depends on how you want to do it.

Some bends can clip through armor / outfit.
Bone Deform accessories can always help.

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Maybe it’s just me, but I think Roblox might have recently updated the character rig meshes. Fixed by updating the DefaultR15 model. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @Dogutsune for making this cool rig open-source!

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I don’t know where this screenshot was taken, but that looks like it might be my ConvertCharacter script. Regardless of whether I’m right about that or not, you’ve reminded me to fix my script, haha. I just updated it so now it should work right away. :slight_smile:


Thanks for making it! It probably is yours haha

I have planned creating a Girl Torso as an alternative.
I have to wait for a while, since… Uh. I got a 7 day ban for a stupid reason.


If you happen to change tool grip position, there might be an issue. It’s not on my part though.

Glad to see you’re back with updating the rig! Looking forward to using it in more of my projects soon :eyes:

Dogu,will this work with packages such as ROBLOX Boy,3.0 Man Package and in extension Robloxian 2.0?

I believe Roblox plans to do S15 rigs in the future.
This is why I don’t really plan to do them (as a commission or a free asset).

Dogu15 is a stylized rig, which is my own personal creation.


I didnt know ROBLOX plans to do that.