Dogu15 Rig [Layered]

Add the cages from the default R15 rig, you’ll see them in every limb. The layered clothing system uses it to snap-on.


is there any way to make this work with ragdoll

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I am currently trying to work on a new version which supports layered clothing. Wish me good luck!


Take your time. I can’t wait to use this new version!

This looks great man :white_check_mark:
I’d say Roblox should make this the actual R15 rig

It’s done and release should be done soon. The new model files will be more Roblox-compatible than the earlier one!

UGC release will be possible only if we speak out about the forced underwear issue. Be loud.


The layered rig is now out. Let’s go!


legs won’t load in the layered (2014) rig

Any chance these seems will be fixed at any point?

(Left side of left arm)

Some seems are more visible than others.
I’m not sure what’s causing these, but other rigs like S15 don’t have this issue.

This is on a character with no humanoid if that might affect anything.
Each limb has ‘texture’ instances covering each face.

I very much want to use this rig over others, but these seems are visible in studio and in game and are very noticeable.

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Do you know how to replicate this?

I think I know why it might happen.

Do you build the humanoidless rig with a script or manually?
If it’s done manually, then the float stuff might not be accurate.

I used the model you’ve provided. They are not created through a script.

Here is a file with a Dogu15 rig and an S15 rig.
SkinnedChars.rbxm (56.3 KB)

You can open the animation editor with both of them as I included an animation that exaggerates the issue so you can see it easier.
One of the causes I saw was that it only occurs when Texture instances are applied to the surface, otherwise the seems will not be visible. I dont have much more to say on how it happens cause I dont really know.

Weird. I replaced your model stuff with mine and there’s no gap. Same applies to newly exported FBX files.
I can’t really tell what happened with export.

This is a very nice resource, and is a great alternative to r15, but I would like to see a version with connected hands and feet that also bend smoothly with the rest of the body. You said that you didnt make it that way because there would be visible texturing seams, but there is a different rig that has them connected where I cannot notice any texturing seams unless they are bent at very extreme angles. (maybe you could look into it?) I want to use this instead because of the smooth shading on the bevels like r6, but I dont like the disconnected hands and feet as much

I like how the disconected hands is a way to actually have a smooth movement stead of “No hands” or else make some pritty Intresting stuff! and without Hands, you could not be able to actually import it into UGC catalog. Or ELSE if you have no choice to use smoothed Hands to feel like R6, you can. but it feels… unhinged.

inf15 (Basically R6)

It feels pritty janky and bad made, atleast not the best i ever seen so far.

And finally Dogu15’s Bundle. that says by it self. it is R15 with smoothed BodyParts With only Detached Hands.

I glad that he made bundle made with detached Hands or else that would be texturing format issues of R15 as seen on the Top of the post.

OR without hands that would be called R13 stead, get it?

I see that it can look janky, but it definitely depends on the animations used on the character. In my game, the custom animations don’t utilize the hands, or make a slight rotation, so smoothly connected ones would definitely look better in this use case.

I get that some people like the aesthetic of the detached hands, but its always nice to have options to choose from.

Just my thoughts

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when are you going to do girl torso??

There’s already a way around that modesty layer rule for UGC that’s been used by similar packages: Upload 2 bundles, both identical except for one having the modesty layer over the torso and not the legs, and one having the modesty layer over the legs but not the torso. Then just tell the users to wear the legs of the first one and the torso of the second one. Optionally, make the torso of the first package and the legs of the second package some vision-annihilating bright magenta or cyan solid color or pattern so they have to be bought together to not look like garbage. Half price of each “half” of the bundle if necessary.

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There are many bundles on the Catalog with archived Modesty Layers too.

I do wish this too, and I could’ve sworn there was one at some point.