Don't Autosave When I'm in the Middle of an Operation


Autosave is not instant and it locks up Studio when it happens.

As a near-term fix, I think Studio should be smart enough to not autosave when I’m in the middle of a drag operation or I’m navigating the system menus.

As a long-term fix, I don’t think auto-saving the level should cause the GUI and 3D scene to become unresponsive.


If it’s any consolation, if you’re in Team Create this won’t happen as far as I’m aware. Most of the time though I’m not working in Team Create, so this is a good feature request.


No this happens in team create. I work in team create all day and it’s incredibly annoying when I’m using terrain tools or resizing a part and the place auto saves.


This is still happening and has been annoying devs since at least 2016.


As a quick fix, just don’t do it until I haven’t pressed a key in Studio for 20 seconds.


Related / the same but a bit broader:


Also related, but Studio completely ceases for a good 10-15 seconds whenever I go to change an Image of a Decal, Texture, ImageLabel, or ImageButton, and it’s super annoying.I’m not sure why Studio can’t just cache the images instead of having to load them in each time you click a Texture / Image property.