Drafts Appearing Loses Focus

When I first launch studio and start typing, drafts pops up and I lose focus (team create)

Happens 100% of the time

Also, on this topic, the drafts window never appears where it was last saved

Video attached for staff

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Thanks for the report! I filed a ticket in our internal database.

Hey OP - please see How to post a Bug Report. I’d love to get a little more info so we can take action on this, can you send us a sample place where this problem occurs?

I can’t send a place file because this is a Team Create related issue. Can you not replicate?


Been experiencing this for a while, super annoying, thank you for making a report!

Exact same repro for me, team create (not sure if that matters):

  1. Type in script
  2. Draft window pops up
  3. Draft window popping up steals your cursor focus

You’ll start writing a line of code, only to realize you haven’t been typing at all

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This issue is very bothersome. There are several bug reports about this already, and no updates. It’s a minor issue but it needs prioritization for how frequent it is.

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