Dynamic Skies Are Getting Cloudy

Would it be possible for such a feature, where you could position the clouds in a specific way you wanted?
(example: using a noise map)


Can’t forget about motion blur!

Well since computer hardware is getting better, so is graphics. And so Roblox graphics are getting better. You should probably upgrade your computer if it becomes too laggy.

Ew no, that’s even worse than lens flare. It causes motion sickness.

I have an RTX 2070Super with a Ryzen 5 CPU…

Ahead of our roadmap API updates to Sky, Atmosphere, new Currents (Wind), and further Clouds Shape and Lighting controls, we are releasing a major improvement to the rendering tech underneath the already released Clouds API.

In testing right now, we have improved Clouds self-shadowing with greatly enhanced subtlety and detail of how light interacts with the Clouds. Our expectation is that all of desktop and mobile devices will be enabled with good performance scaling during the next week’s roll out cycle.

We’re excited to see all your creations with this rendering feature upgrade, which will be enabled transparently following our testing. Note in this case, if you have highly tuned existing Clouds your experiences, you may wish to check and adjust the look with new Clouds rendering that have more contrast of shadows. We’ll inform a day before we enable new lighting so that you can prepare for this enhanced rendering release.

Keep providing feedback and reporting any issues so we can continue improving the feature as much as possible. Thank you!


Is console included in this, or is this feature not planned to be enabled on console?


Are there any other examples of the changes so I could use it as comparison for when it does roll out?


Okay then 5 less fps out of 300+.
I don’t really see how a rtx 2070s could lag on Roblox with improvements like this.


Will there be any way to stylize clouds one day? Roblox is currently aiming towards giving freedom for realism, although realism doesn’t work too well for large scale games and realism sometimes is a restriction for people who want to make stylized games. It would be quite jarring to have realistic clouds in a game that looks like a Studio Ghibli background.


Our testing has progressed well and we are preparing to enable this improvement to the existing Clouds feature tomorrow 10/08/2021 late morning Pacific daylight time. As with the regular release roll out process we expect desktop to update first, then mobile, and later console.

We’re confident of a smooth update, however if important unexpected issues arise we’ll revert to the older Clouds appearance briefly until resolved.


Hey! I was able to see a sneak of the feature pre-release through the FFlags, and while it looks absolutely beautiful, I’d like to ask - are there any plans to upgrade the sun rays effect? as of now, it’s pretty legacy tech & has clear flickering when moving in-between sun rays (presumably due to no anti-aliasing).


Will this new update allow clouds to move based on the time in Lighting or will it still be independent of that? With that being said, Do “Wind” also respect time according to what’s set in Lighting?

You mind dropping the Flag name? I wanna grab some photos of my map.

I’ll edit the post with results.


it’s under CloudsSelfShadowHQ. definitely worth a look


This is great, but I really wish the sky’s colors would actually react to the sun’s position, and/or give us control over the color shifts that occur respective to clock time (you know, the blue and purple hues that appear)


I enabled the FFlag CloudsSelfShadowHQ and am noticing some very weird behavior. My game’s timecycle script (which I’m controlling with the Macro window) is intended to make the map dark during the night, and it’s doing some very weird stuff with the sky here when I move the window? It should stay dark, like how it is before the window is moved.

That is possible already by changing the color’s of the atmosphere depending on the time

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It’s not-you can change the color of haze and glare, but this does not affect the actual sky. Reference this:

There is no way to customize this behavior, no way to control these colors, no way to determine when the sun rises and sets, In fact, while the sun is rising, the entire sky changes color rather than the area around the sun, leaving a less than desirable and unrealistic appearance.

I.e. Once it hits 6 AM, the entire sky turns purple. Not just the sky in the East, but the entire sky is purple. Not only do I think purple is unrealistic for some regions, but the fact that it doesn’t respect where the sun is is a visual detriment to my game.


If you can set the shape of cloud by mesh and part and union,it’ll be amazing