Editing DataStore2 Data with the Updated DataStore Editor Plugin

This is an updated guide detailing how to access and edit individual data saved with the popular DataStore2 Module (DataStore2 Module) , using the popular DataStore Editor Plugin (Datastore Editor Plugin)

Is it possible to edit my DataStore2 data with the Datastore editor plugin?
I had written a response to this question, and seeing as it comes up frequently when people begin using DataStore2, it seemed helpful. Now that the plugin’s creator has updated the plugin, the original guide is quite confusing with the latest versions due to operational changes in the way the plugin works and significant UI improvements.

This guide, with images at every step should take you, the reader, through the process of finding and editing your DataStore2Data with the DataStore editor plugin.

  • The following guide is made on the assumption you are utilizing one of the most current versions of the plugin v3 or higher.
    If, for some reason, you are utilizing a version below that, see the original post detailing the method for editing DataStore2 data at this link.
  • The guide also operates on the assumption that you have correctly set up your data stores, and have data that is saved. If you do not have data saving between sessions in game, this guide will not be useful, as there will be no data for the plugin to find.

Open the plugin
When you open the DataStore Editor Plugin, it should look like this.

Getting the Key
When you use DataStore2 in the recommended way, you should have combined Data Store keys under one main key. However, this is not required.

  • If you DO utilize DataStore2.Combine(“TheMainKey”, “Items”, “Stats”,etc…), then you should take note of your combined key name. In this example the name of the main key for my DataStore2 is “TheMainKey”. With the .Combine() setup, this is the only one I will need to search for all of a player’s saved data.

  • If you DON’T utilize DataStore.Combine() and just have multiple keys and separate stores for different game data ( this is NOT recommended), then you will have to repeat the following process each time you search in order to individually edit each of those Data Stores, per player.
    In this case, your Key will be whatever the Key of the specific store is
    e.g.(“Items” or “Stats”)

Getting the UserID
DataStore2 automatically utilizes a player’s UserID to save and query the data on that player within your game. This means you need to have a player’s UserID handy when you want to edit that player’s data with the plugin.
This can be accomplished by simply looking up and viewing the player’s profile on the Roblox website, and clicking on the address/search bar once you are there. The address bar will say something along the lines of
www.roblox.com/users/00000000/profile, except in place of number 0’s will be the player’s UserID. Take note of this number and move on to the next step.

Entering the Key and UserID
Now that you have the Key and the UserID of the player you want to edit the data of, enter them into the box that says Name.

There is a specific method to do this with DataStore2 data.

  • You must first enter the Key.
  • This should be followed immediately by a forward slash ( / ) and then the UserId of the player you want to search/edit the data of.

In my case I want to put TheMainKey/89851425 into the box that says Name

See the picture below.

Place ID
I believe that the plugin in its current form automatically finds and enters the current Place ID of the studio session. Thus, if you click on the button labeled Set Place ID and there is already a number there and the name of your Place under the number, then you may click cancel and proceed to the next step. If this is not the case, then your Place ID can be found by following the steps below.

  • Open the Game Explorer in Studio if it is not already opened.
    In the primary Studio toolbar click View then GameExplorer .

  • In the Game Explorer find the Places tab, and find your current place.
    Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 10.46.25 AM

  • Right Click on the name of your Place, and click on Copy ID to Clipboard

  • Go back to the Data Store Editor Plugin Window, and click on *Set Place ID.
    Paste the copied ID into the Place ID box.
    Click the button labeled Set Place ID. The plugin will return you to the previous page, and you may continue reading below.
    See Image Below
    Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 10.50.48 AM
    Note, I kept my own Place ID and other major info out of the images. I only wanted to show the screenshot of the area of the plugin I am referring to.

Select Use OrderedDataStore and Connect the First Time
Click on the square box right above the Connect button that says Use OrderedDataStore and make sure it is selected.
The box will have a checkmark if it is selected.

Now, Click on Connect

Get The Most Recent Save Key
The result should be a list of Numbers (they are tables, but appear as numbers) starting at one and proceeding upwards or downwards in value.
Note, I only have 4 tables saved for the purposes of this guide. However, you may, and probably will have many more.

The only number that is important for the purpose of editing the player’s current data is the most recent data save, which will be the largest positive number.
If you have hundreds of entries of data, and your numbers start with one and go down, simply click on the blue double arrows button to the right of the MinValue/MaxValue boxes. This will reverse the order of the results, immediately bringing you to the number you want. In my case, this number is 4.
Take note of the number to the right of the largest number. I believe both the left and right values should be the exact same number

You are almost there. Only one final thing to do.
Click the menu icon (three horizontal lines on top of each other) in the top left, to open up the primary menu again, and proceed to the next step.
For reference, the menu icon is at the top left of the image above

DESELECT Use OrderedDataStore and Connect A Second Time

This time, no numbers will appear and the menu will be empty.

Last Step
Now in the box labeled Key type the number that you took note of in the Get The Most Recent Save Key section (2 steps ago)
In my case, the number is 4.
Hit your enter/return key and voila, you can now see and edit the data of the player.


I hope this updated guide was detailed and informative. If you have any difficulties or you do not see any results when you hit Connect, try double checking all the steps, and make sure you have properly saved your data. If all else fails, post a reply detailing your difficulty and I’ll try to help you out.


Thank you so much for this! I bought the plugin, and then a few days later learnt DataStore2, which then made the plugin obsolete for me. But I’m glad it’s been updated.

Thank @Crazyman32 for the plugin. The method for saving is essentially the same as the previous way. There are just less steps now.

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Nice! At some point, I will probably try to incorporate some support for DS2 within the plugin.


Until you do, I’ll be here. It’d be a matter of automating the search.
Perhaps a toggle for DS2 as an option and then automatically retrieving the first result and inputting it into the second query.
But then you have the issue of updates within The DS2 module itself which could for some odd reason suddenly decide they want to stop storing data in the current method thus wasting the time you spent automating. Doubtful, but a risk with any plugin I suppose. Of course there should always be the option for manual search.

How would I get this to work via script?
I wanna get one’s DataStore2 database in-game by using DataStoreService since that will allow me to get DataStore2 data from offline players.

If I am understanding your question properly, you are asking for a method to use ordinary DataStore, to get an offline player’s DataStore2 Data from in game? I don’t see how this relates to this plugin however to script a method to pull DataStore2 Data, without using DataStore2, I would recommend using the same query case for DataStore 1 Data, except use the combined name key that you query in the plugin.
So essentially, if you have a single or combined key, enter it, then the forward slash, then the userID. Of course you have to be in the game the Data is saved for of course. Then, simply query for that data and return it as you would any other key in your datastore.

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I appreciate this tutorial, it was very informative!

Thank you SO MUCH for this tutorial! I had absolutely no idea I had to use the most recent number from OrderedDataStore as the key for the second step. I didn’t see anyone else online talking about this. It will be a major help when getting right of erasure requests!

Is there an easy way to remove ALL of their data though, and not just the most recent save? If they have a bunch of entries, do I really need to go through and manually delete them all?

You can make a script that goes through each index and deletes their data like that. This method made by @Kampfkarren for GDPR can be used in this case.

Also, if anyone is not using COMBINED DataStore2 – with Standard you simply request the DataStore called whatever your main key is, do not use Ordered. Then nothing will show up after you connect and you just type the Key on the top as the user’s user id.


Practically how you’d do regular DataStores.

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