Eliminated And Delayed Notifications?

Hello, today 19:57 UTC +8, I started experiencing this strange bug, my notifications show up as the number in the blue circle, but when I click I get thsi:

But when I go in my profile to see the notifications they are there, to reproduce this simply go to the notification panel by clicking on your profile icon, I’m not sure if it’s only me, it may also be that the DevForum is being checked by the Engineers.
Currently the only way to see notifications is by going directly in your profile.
There’s also another bug, which when you get a notification, it is delayed, I got a notification just now, but it was from 44 minutes ago, the time may change randomly.
Also you would still get the notification if tuoi have already seen/replies to the notification, and it may send you a notification more than once for the same message
Edit: The eliminated notifications issue seems to be fixed, but the delayed notifications one isn’t




I think it has something to do with this:

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Too bad, since the people who actually fix the bugs won’t be notified of this.

Believe it or not, I remember this happening after the 500-error occurring.


Can confirm. This happens to me as well, on both Windows 10 and an iPad Mini.

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It even happens to me there too


you must go to https://devforum.roblox.com/u/your-devforums-username/notifications to see these

I would like to add onto this; I frequently get the same notification about a reply to one of my posts even though I’ve viewed the reply and notification multiple times

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Same issue. Replies sent hours ago are delayed.

Additionally, everyone who said this was related to the 500 HTTP error could possibly be false at this point.

I’ll log out and back in again to see if this is fixed.
Answer: it is not fixed.

Can confirm.

As a note, I was able to see notifications up until I received a new one. Once I got a new notification all of them were cleared and I was able to reproduce this bug,

The issue seems to be fixed now


Thanks for reporting the issue! Sorry for the delayed response.

This was related to the technical issues affecting the DevForum earlier in the week and was resolved yesterday!

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Really thanks for resolving this problem! It made me go carzy as I never use the modification tab, also I noticed from yesterday that it seemed fixed, really thanks!
Edit: I’m sorry but I’m still getting notifications even though I already have seen them, I’ll try logging in and out to see if it fixes the problem