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Handling Punishments

:bulb: Giving correct and appropriate punishments to players who failed to follow our roleplay guidelines are extremely crucial. The punishments we give are only verbal warnings, warnings, kicks, bans and permanent bans.

For more information about how you should player’s who broke our roleplay rules and you’d like to log them, please take a look at our Logging Guide!

:bulb: A player’s actions will impact their punishment depends on the severity, we tend to give verbal warnings for minor mistakes such as unrealistic avatars. Though, major violations such as breaking the Roblox Community Guidelines may potentially end up in a kick from the server.

Listed below are a list of how severe the action is and what punishment should be given to the player if they performed any of the following;

  • :yellow_circle: Minor: Should be given as a verbal warning
  • :orange_circle: Regular: A warning should be given, and players who receive 3+ warnings will be kicked.
  • :red_circle: Major: An instant kick, without any warnings
  • :black_circle: Severe: A ban should be given without any warnings or kicks

:closed_book: Please take note that verbal warnings depends on who are you dealing with. If such as a regular player or a retired staff decides to break verbal warning rules, they should be issued a warning. instead, because they’ve been with us for a while and are already familiar with the rules.

:spiral_notepad: We’ll be listing down all of the rules below in descending order of severity; if a player’s violation isn’t listed here, it’s most likely a verbal warning or a warning, it depends on you. Alternatively, you may also ask around our staff members about what punishment should be appropriate.

:yellow_circle: Minor

  • Metagaming
  • Powergaming
  • Unrealistic avatar
  • Out of jurisdictions
  • Interrupting roleplay
  • SWAT without applying
  • Failed to roleplay value of life
  • Unrealistic driving
  • Shooting staff
  • EMS patrol
  • Fire patrol

:orange_circle: Regular

  • Cop baiting
  • Cuff rushing
  • Criminal baiting
  • Usage of exotics
  • Usage of Orsis T 5000
  • Usage of Fabarm FB7
  • Usage of Remington 870
  • Usage of Remington MSR
  • Failed to roleplay gun motions
  • Failed to roleplay new life rule
  • Failed to roleplay crashes
  • Random death match
  • Vehicle death match
  • Usage of staff livery
  • Staff evasion
  • SWAT patrol

:red_circle: Major

  • Usage of staff attire that isn’t a mod
  • Failed to follow Roblox Community Guidelines
  • Failed to follow ER:LC Community Guidelines
  • NSFW references
  • LTAP

:black_circle: Severe

  • Repeated offenses
  • Rejoining after being kicked
  • Have a log of leaving to avoid punishment
  • Many warnings given, no sign of improvement
  • Major disrespect towards players or staff

:closed_book: LTAP is the acronym for “leaving to avoid punishment”. This punishment is used for when players decide to leave the server for being irresponsible for their actions here, they should be banned for a week, this may depend on the severity of their previous punishments too.

:closed_book: The reason why shooting staff is located as a verbal warning, it is because some players may not know that we are staff and they may engage roleplay with us. However, if they were intentionally shooting staff, a warning should be issued. This can be applied to other staff related things!

:closed_book: Of course, bans may vary player to player as bans should only given to players that is no longer welcome in Enroute. This can be seen of how sincere they act when you question their behavior whether or not this player should be banned.

:tada: Welcome to the conclusion of this guide! I hope you are able to understand and give the correct and appropriate punishments to players if needed. If you have anything you don’t understand or have any questions, feel free to ask any staff member!

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