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Trial Moderator Expectations

:bulb: This guide is intended to transfer as much information about your rank, which is Trial Moderator to you! How we work, what you should be expecting from us and what we expect from you will all be explained below.

:bulb: One of our sole purpose here is to we enforce the rules in Enroute. Any rule-breakers will be dealt accordingly, it is vital to look out for any mod calls during moderating in the server.

Your phone must not be muted in order for mod calls to be received. There are several ways players might reach you such as them calling out for a mod in the radio. Do also look out for pings in our discord server.

What you should expect from us?

:spiral_notepad: First of all, a member from our Management Team will contact you about your training before our Senior Moderators supervise you. Our training is intended to determine your current knowledge whether if you are capable of moderating or not.

There will be multiple questions in the training session and you have a maximum of three days to prepare and read all of information and guides given below before being trained.


:spiral_notepad: After you have been trained by any member from our Management Team, you are now free to seek any Senior Moderator to request them to supervise you. This may actually go two ways, our Senior Moderator may contact you themselves or you contact them yourself to request supervision.

:bulb: Supervision in Enroute is the path to success and access moderation commands so we encourage you to participate more in being supervised.

:closed_book: You must be supervised by a Senior Moderator for at least three days, if we fail to see any clear results of you being a Moderators for 1-2 weeks, you’ll be dismissed, sadly. You are always free to re-apply though!

:tada: We wish you the best of luck during this entire process! You may ask any questions or concerns during your supervision if you have any, feel free to ask any of other staff members aswell.

Mon 9, 2021
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