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:bulb: The following information will guide you how to utilize your lightbar/ELS during server moderation. Lightbar/ELS will be crucial when you choose to patrol and look for some FRP’ers. The following is a thorough guide of it.

:spiral_notepad: During moderating the server, the lightbar/ELS is used for stopping FRP’ers, and only FRP’ers. If you’d like to stop a player, please turn on both of your full lights aswell as turning on your sirens.

Please assure that you have a reason when pulling over a player, you are not allowed to pull over random vehicles whenever you’d like, this can be also considered as an abuse of power.

:bulb: You may personalize your lighting bar to whatever fits your liking. ER:LC currently only gives us two customization to our lightbar/ELS, you are free to use any of those.

:closed_book: As mentioned in our Trial Moderator Expectations, please always take note of their username. You may view their username in MDT or request them to step out. Though, viewing their username under “Nearby Users” in the search records is much convenient.

:bulb: There will be events that you may think that a player isn’t following our roleplay rules, this may be being in the wrong jurisdiction while they’re in an undercover vehicle and you are too far to check the back of their plate if they are in the correct jurisdiction.

While this happens, you are free to only turn on your cruise lights to have a quick peek at whether or not if they’re breaking any of our rules set in place for them.

:closed_book: Please, however though, you are not allowed to use this as an advantage of breaking traffic rules. We do not encourage staff members to use cruise lights in going through red lights unless you have a suspicion of a player.

:tada: Please make sure that you understand the end of this guide. You are always free to contact any member from our staff who has some expertise in patrolling if you do have any queries or concerns.

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