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Logging Guide

:bulb: This will be a simple guide in order to track each warning given, kicks, bans and permanent bans aswell. This will also cover how to keep track of your activity, whether you are moderating or not. The reason you are required to log every punishment as that you are held accountability for it.

:spiral_notepad: In total, we have 5 commands which will be listed below to help you log each moderation you have given to players, details will be provided below. Each command must be typed in our #staff-commands as it should not be leaked to the public.

  • !w - Warning
  • !k - Kick
  • !b- Ban
  • pb - Permanent Ban
  • !a - Permanent Ban Appealed

:closed_book: The command “!b”, “!pb” and “!a” will be only be restricted to our fellow Administration Team and above as they are the ones who only have access to Admin commands during moderating.

:closed_book: In the event you are issuing a ban to a player instead of a kick, please note that you are held responsible for your ban and you must provide an unban date in order to unban that player manually, you are to manually unban the offender on the date you set your unban date. Permanent bans however, though, is different. Permanent bans may be only be appealed manually by our Administraion Team instead of us unbanning them.

Arguments for each command

:spiral_notepad: There will be an insight of where you should place your argument in the command below, please follow each argument provided below to log moderation.

  • !w [Offender’s username] [Total warnings given] [Reason]
  • !k [Offender’s username] [Total warnings given] [Reason]
  • !b [Offender’s username] [Unban Date] [Reason]
  • !pb [Offender’s username] [Is their ban appealable? Yes/No] [Reason]
  • !a [Offender’s username] [Additional Notes]

:closed_book: Do note that “reasons” may only have multiple words in it, please do not write any other notes in any other arguments such as the total warnings given, there should only be 1 word in other any argument except the reason.

:closed_book: If you do not have any additional notes to fill in the argument such as the appeal command, please state a word such as “-” or “N/A” or your command will not be executed.


:bulb: You might be confused after all of this, examples will be provided below if you are not sure how you should log players, please seek for assistance from any fellow staff members if you’re still confused.

  • !w JohnAppleseed 1 Abusing glitches
  • !k JohnAppleseed 3 FRP Crashes, Disrespect, Staff evasion
  • !b JohnAppleseed 5/8/2021 Repeated offences, RDM, VDM, Shooting Staff
  • !pb JohnAppleseed Yes Shooting Staff, RDM, FRP Crashes, Exotic, LTAP.
  • !a JohnAppleseed N/A

:spiral_notepad: Your presence is extremely important when it comes to moderating roleplays, without you enforcing the rules, there would be mass FRPs all over the server. These commands will automatically give you the role “Active Moderators” and remove it when you are no longer moderating. This role helps players in our discord server to be allowed to ping you when they need a mod.

  • !on - You are required to use this command when you are moderating.
  • !off - You are required to use this command when you are no longer moderating.

:closed_book: Please use the commands above solely for when you are only moderating and supervising a trial moderator. Do not use it for any other reasons such as roleplaying.

:tada: This is the conclusion for our logging and activity guide, please do make sure that you have understand everything here as it is extremely crucial for when you are moderating. If you do have any further concerns or questions, do contact any staff member who understands the rules here.

Sun 1, 2021
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