Ahoy! I’m Erin, but some may know me as p1rato. I’ve been on roblox since 2012 and have been designing since 2016/2017. I specialize in Rendering, Photo-manipulation, and a bit of 2D design. I love trying out new things and expanding my skill-set! For my designs I try my best to make sure my graphics represent what you want and your game the best so it really pops! If you ever have any questions about my work or need help with your own work discord is the best place since I’m the most active on there!


GFX Work

My Favorites (Personal GFX)





Commission Sheet (Recommended to open)

For higher quality and non-filtered examples check out my DeviantArt:
PirateCorruption - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt

Japanese translation services will no longer be done, any contact inquiring about translations will be ignored.


My pricing is very firm as my prices are already relatively low for the quality. Therefore negotiations on pricing will be kept to the minimum. The prices I have decided are based off of the amount of commissions I had gotten last year, the time I take on my GFX, quality, program costs, and other work that can go into it such as remodelling, custom texturing, and complexity.

Price Details

Thumbnail Pricing - 15000 Robux

Icon / Adverts Pricing - 10000 Robux

Signatures - 500 Robux

Prices not listed above will be discussed in DM’s

You must pay half of the payment before I start the project, this is for the most part to deter scammers! I accept payment via group funds and paypal.

[Paypal prices will be determined off of DevEx Rates, 1000 → 3.5 USD]


"Rebranded" from 4aar0n to ER_lN for personal reasons.

Contact me via:
Discord - Er_in#0004 [I am the most active here and reply to all DM’s]
Twitter - @4aar0n [This is where I post all my new content]

I will be active almost everyday from 3 P.M. - 12 A.M. Pacific Standard Time!
^ Think of these as my “working” hours.

Thank you for checking out my portfolio! Don’t be scared to message me about any graphic design projects you may have or need help with something! Godspeed!


Your work looks really good! Keep it up!


This looks amazing, I’m wondering how you aren’t so talked about in the community from the amazing work you’ve produced, do you accept percentages, thpigh?

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Thank you! Also I rarely accept percentages, It depends on If I feel like it or I feel like the game will be a hit.

I’ll be DMing you shortly.

Sent a friend request.

Hey! Your work looks amazing. You could maybe show some more examples, but other than that, great job!

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Started working with 4ar0n recently and there’s no regret. Quality work for reasonable prices, can’t beat that!


Commissions now back open,
I have added a section of for my current orders. In this section you will be able to see the percentage of progress, I have made. Screenshot progress must be asked for thru DM’s.

This section can also be used to see how many orders I have at the time, and can give you an estimate of how quickly I can finish it.

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Hey there! Your thumbnails look amazing! Quick question though - is it 2k-3k per gamepass? Just want to make sure before I contact you!

Sorry I didn’t clarify that, it’s that amount for 4 or 5 gamepasses. If you need lower than that I can lower the price.

I recommend you order from 4aar0n. Valued work for fair and reasonable prices.


Your examples honestly blew my mind. I haven’t that high of quality in Roblox GFX for quite some time.


Thanks sm, I really appreciate it!


Commissions still open, got octane render so the render quality will be so much more MM.

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awesome work bro
keep it up :pray:


Thanks man, I appreciate it! Your work is pretty awesome to!

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Really recommend this guy! Did an icon and thumbnail for my game, and they’ve turned out WAY better than expected. Works pretty fast as well.
Keep up the good work! :pray:


Enjoyed working with you! Hope we can continue in the future!

coms still open.

been incative for a while but im now getting back into it.

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