Everytime i open roblox my pc just restarts

Everytime i open roblox my pc just restarts thats it i tried to fix it myself but it didnt work (Updated Drivers, Reinstalled roblox + deleting roblox folder in local appdata)

(Reuploaded cuz i used wrong category and old one got closed)

For some reason roblox studio works normal


Provide more data, such as system information, roblox version, crash dumps if possible.

Sorry my bad

OS = Windows 10 Home
OS VER = 10.0. 19045 Build 19045
PC MODEL = Acer Nitro AN515-55
CPU = Inter(R) Core™ i5-10300H CPU @ 2.50GHz 2496, Mhz, 4 Cores 8 Logizal Processors
BIOS = Insyde Corp. V2.06 8/20/2021
RAM = 16GB

64 bit

Roblox Version: version-0ad029c119034aa8

Idk how to find crash dumps so ye

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I have the same problem!
It’s a problem related to the channel version and the 64 bit client, it’s caused by byfron the new anticheat system roblox just dropped!

I have tried solving it myself but led to no response like you got, But in my old post someone posted a fix, relating to a modeler that can change the channel from other ones to the “LIVE” channel!
Even though this fix was working for me, it only worked for a bit of time!

Here is the link to my pervious post : Computer crashes when playing Roblox games - #10 by taitama

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My robloz does not crash/freeze it just RESTARTS THE PC when i run roblox client

I had it before but i reinstalled windows and it fixed but the bug came back few weeks later


That’s odd. Usually Roblox can optionally restart your computer when updated. If a screen pops up saying something like “Allow administrator permissions?” then try to press no instead of yes.

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No popup or “Allow administrator permission” it just restarts instantly like even no windows shutdown screen


There has to be something more at play here. Roblox can’t just restart your computer

Idk i was using the Optimized Roblox client json file maybe thats the issue but i dont think so.
i also dont have any exploits on my pc

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having a similar issue, but to the lesser extent of roblox just CRASHING after 10 seconds to 2 mins

well i know what is the issue i also had it before.
ur pc is just running out of ram or cpu

no that’s impossible, every other game i own is running fine

ark: survival evolved, civilization 5, stellaris, hoi4, gmod, all running fine

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I had this bug in windows 7 and it was just freezing my whole screen, but what i think is happening for him, is instead of freezing the whole screen the windows tend to turn off the whole pc and restart it again, or there is some sort of bug in the dll system of roblox, maybe roblox is trying to devide by 0, and windows turns off the computer to prevent any harm into it!

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Could you Inform us how did you fix it?

i just reinstalled windows

(some random characters cuz i devforum limit)

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ALSO even my brother have the same issue but he had that issue way before i had the issue.

I have absolutly no idea how this happen