Expanse; Skirmisher [Update Log and Info] 5/8/2019

Our information

Expanse; Skirmisher is a round-based space dogfight simulator with multiple gamemodes and currently 3 maps, known as battlezones. Choose from one of 20+ ships, customize it with skins, and upgrade it with the modules, in your best attempt to dominate the battle-space. We’ll see you in the stars!

Recent Changes

  • You now inherit your end warp speed when you exit warp
  • You now have to go through the jump gate in order to jump into the battlefield
  • New interaction system with F button
  • Particle engine (kinetic weapon shots) runs 1.5 times faster now
  • New HUD elements for capture zones and spaceball home/goal zones. Please be aware that this has probably broken something.
  • White team has been replaced with blue team.
  • White team HUD elements replaced with blue team. Note: Navball may not display blue team players correctly, we’re working on it.

Current In-Game Information

  • 27 Ships
  • 4 Gamemodes
  • 3 Battlezones

Current Meridian Studio’s Team
Build Team;

  • Lead; AlexiRyaov
  • Galvarino
  • Necaz
  • Alastor_Insidious
  • RyferionPrime
  • Moeraknith

Art Team;

  • Lead; DoubleDog_DareMe
  • Invarex
  • ZiggiousZaggious
  • Animula_MusicDev

Programming Team;

  • Lead; Oseday

Gameplay Team;

  • Lead; AlexanderKotevski
  • TheLostRage
  • K_iyo
  • Symmakhia

Thank you to all of our Team Interns, Testers, and previous Team Members that helped create, fix, and better our game and your experience! -Meridian Team


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