Experiences using Marketplace Items - Policy update

My best wishes go out to all of you gentlemen, ladies, and otherwise. We have created a meaningful rebelllion.

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Thats where roblox keeps all the good updates


Content of the box must be forbidden, therefore we shall never know.

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Man, I always wanted that gear to use in gear fighting games after I used it in games that offered free gears and saw how good it was. Too bad I have to shell out fumbles notes EIGHT HUNDRED AND NINETY dollars to actually obtain it.

Roblox is going to do a classic:

while true do end

with these games that have violated their policy.


Not a good change! Please don’t do this Roblox, I can almost guarantee this isn’t going to end well, for both our UGC creators, and our fellow Developers.


This could also impact DevEx and RDC eligibility

Digital foootprint everyone

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roblox. ohhh roblox. you’ve done it again. this is like, the 5th time i’ve had to make a post like this. is this a bloody joke? or are the people who run your company THAT full of themselves and their corporate metaverse fantasy that you would go out of your way to blatantly ignore, disrespect, and attack the very developers that keep your platform in the green in the first place? are you insane!?

the past few months, while i see a few positive changes sprinkled into here, you have done NOTHING but DRAG YOUR DEVELOPERS through the MUD. frankly, i’m fed up with it, as is everybody else, judging by the fact that roblox keeps setting record after record for worst received change, and this is… the angriest i’ve seen this community since audio privacy, and judging by the literal 5000 replies in a few months ( which this unacceptable change is absolutely on track to beating ), we were VERY ANGRY.

pardon me if i miss anything, it’s hard to remember all the terrible decisions roblox has made this year alone.

first it’s the changes to UGC and bodies. you scare your entire community into thinking 2d faces will be removed, then you double down only after the literal widespread panic has reached its worst, saying everyone was misunderstanding, and coming up with a rushed compromise. so, you know, just terrible communication in its purest form.

THEN it’s ugc head / bodies, ending EXACTLY how i predicted it would. it’s a cesspool full of stolen assets, infringed copyright, copy pastes of the template body but with different colours or proportions to make a quick buck, let alone the terrible “modesty layer” that does nothing but harm people making 2d clothing ( see a pattern yet? ). and has roblox done anything? NOPE! they NEVER DO! what a surprise. the feedback i left there was ignored, outside of a small statement during the RDC keynotes pretending they care about moderating the platform, then proceeding to boast about ‘protecting children’ by letting suggestive content and blatant gore roam free on their site. good on you there roblox. oh, and i forgot to mention that you’re going to be allowing everybody to upload ugc, which, with the marketplace’s current lack of quality control and competent moderation, will end WONDERFULLY. oh yeah, and while i’m not quite up to speed with the situation, i’ve also been hearing you want to kill ugc by forcing everyone to make limiteds or something. how metaverse of you.

and THEN? they announce the deprecation of r6, and i can GUARANTEE it will be removed as quickly as roblox physically can, following its deprecation. as i’ve stated many, MANY times, r6 is easier to work with, nicer looking, etc. etc., and yet i’m PUNISHED for using it over the newer and in my opinion worser looking r15. and what do we get? a terrible, unfinished, rushed ‘adapter’ that does nothing but break r6, let alone the fact that it doesnt even look REMOTELY SIMILAR TO R6.

and then at rdc, remember what i said about protecting children? here’s a feature where you can video call 9 year olds as your roblox avatar. that’ll end well, surely! oh, and here’s some ai nonsense no one asked for. at least we got some sort of official rojo implementation…

anyone still remember the big games drama by the way? where preston abused the dmca system and hasn’t been punished by roblox at all? thanks for showing the developer community that if you make enough money you can just get a free pass to break whatever rules you want. great to know you have our backs, roblox!

and then the present day. roblox makes a MASSIVE TOS change on the fly, gives us a week to comply, tells us ‘screw you, adapt to it or you get your game removed from the site’. pardon me, but are you taking notes from unity or are you just flat out stupid? i know i’m crying into a void here, it’s the big corporate metaverse execs who make decisions around here, but COME ON. this change will, assuming the absolute best outcome, will kill at least half of the platform’s games because, oh, whoops, now they break the TOS. do you realize this? was this your intention? do you have no regard for anything? or… what? please just explain this change in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM TO ME THAT MAKES SENSE. this change is flat out unacceptable no matter how you look at it, and you won’t even listen to mine or anyone elses criticisms because you NEVER DO. it’s just the usual corporate “we hear you and we understand your concerns!” and then it’s dead silence or just you reinforcing your terrible decisions. again, real unity vibes here.

as of late, i’ve lost all of my very little trust for roblox as development platform, and it will NOT improve. ever since audio privacy ( which, may i remind you roblox STILL hasn’t fulfilled their promises with? ), and despite having multiple projects in active development, with years of development put into them, i may be forced to just CUT THEM SHORT and DITCH THEM because roblox keeps making changes that put my entire account and games in jeopardy, over WHAT?

this entire comment section is a complete mess, so i don’t imagine roblox will see this at all, but if you are, revert this immediately. you have already done immeasurable and irrepairable damage to your trust, community and developers, the only thing you can do now is revert this. NO ONE WANTS ‘METAVERSE’. PLEASE STOP TRYING TO PUSH THIS. the metaverse scheme is the catalyst for EVERYTHING roblox has been doing, and it won’t get better because we are in the dead center of this new era of roblox.

this change alone will kill most of your platform, not to mention everything you have done, are doing, and will do in the future. i haven’t even mentioned anything before the past few months outside of audio privacy ( once again please clean that mess up by the way ), and there’s already so much to criticize you about. i’m sick of this. i’m literally forced to leave the platform after i finish my work because roblox is THAT untrustworthy. 2000 replies in 5 hours, come on, do better, roblox. please.

justice for tubeheroes dantdm.


Actually, most threads that have chaotic messages usually result in the topic being closed and nobody being punished.

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This is going to destroy a lot lot of games


This update seems highly unnecessary. It will no doubt cripple hundreds, if not thousands of games across the platform. One can understand if it’s strictly for UGC items, but for items created BY Roblox that have/currently are being used in experiences seems a bit too much.

This will most likely open the door for developers to be unfairly moderated at the hands of trolling individuals which will no doubt cause unwarranted moderation action.


I have no words, I am tired.

The removal of 2D faces and our ability to use Roblox items in our game really hurts our development and the choices being made throughout the past few weeks makes me want to move off platform to Godot or another engine.

Roblox had the positives of the ease to access and multiplayer infrastructure, but these past updates and policy changes make it harder and harder to defend the platform when they are clearly not in the best interest for developers and creators alike.

We’re told we’d get more transparency, but we are lied to. These posts always leave more questions than answers and less hope for the prosperity of a career on this platform.

I share the same sentiment as many other developers, being on the platform for 11 years really makes me sad to see the direction this company is going in.

I love Roblox, it’s been a part of my life for half of it, but I’m just numb at seeing a future on this platform, like many others who make this platform what it is today.


We will get this post to 2023 replies and then we will end up where we have exactly been and then we will travel into the future with our 8-year predictions.


This is gonna be my last post on this for now.


Hi everyone,

We value your feedback and concerns. Our intent with this policy is to further ensure that UGC creations are respected and properly used across the platform. We realize that the requirements behind the policy are very nuanced and have a significant impact on experience creators. We sincerely apologize for causing these concerns.

In light of this, we have decided to pause the rollout of the policy. This means that on September 27, you will NOT be subject to moderation for this policy.

As a next step, we will thoroughly consider all your use cases and feedback, and refine the policy as appropriate while respecting creators’ rights. Once we finalize the policy, we will provide ample time to meet its requirements. We promise to keep you updated with any new information in the coming days.

Thank you for your patience. We are committed to learning from this and appreciate your feedback.


Whew - nearly 2000 replies already - guess I’m late to the party.

In all seriousness, I feel that this policy change is, at best, incredibly poorly communicated with the developer community at large - and at worst, downright destructive to a large portion of both legacy and new content on the platform. A large portion of the negative feedback appears to be steming from the unclear and possibly intentionally vague wording of the initial announcement. There have been concerns raised by developers of some extremely long-standing experiences on the platform, such as @Tokaisho (Who’s response to this can be seen here) that this change may impact legacy gear items, classic avatar clothing, and more - things which games developed prior to the reintroduction of mesh uploading heavily relied upon to be able to provide decent visuals at the time. Is it possible that @Roblox can provide us with clarification as to what specific categories of marketplace items are affected by this policy change - and what, if any, Roblox-created avatar items will still be available for developers to use in our experiences?

A second major point of contention appears to revolve around the seeming policy of taking moderation action first before asking if a developer has permissions from an asset’s original creator. As many other developers aside from myself may have realized, such a method of moderation could seriously disrupt and/or jeopardize the livelihoods of developers who make the majority of a large portion of their income on the platform - as even a single day of downtime due to waiting on moderation appeals could easily cost a large game hundreds of players - players who very well may not return - not to mention the direct financial harm caused by such downtime. I seriously hope this section, if nothing else, gets changed - such a policy could allow for bad actors to ruin the livelihoods of their targets with unprecedented ease, and feels like a highly misguided decision to enact.

I’ll update this as I think of more to say - but I eagerly await the follow-up from @Roblox or DevRel regarding what their next step will be. The community has clearly spoken with relatively unprecedented unity in regards to this matter - the ball is now back in Roblox’s court.


Thank God that was actually gonna be insane


I am a bit skeptical about you…
Maybe it could work after all.


here’s the usual corporate response, “we value your feedback” mhm yep.

please revert the change instead of “refining” it.


You guys are taking L after L just listen to us for once for godsake